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Mystery Kalachi sleep epidemic continues

By T.K. Randall
December 17, 2014 · Comment icon 49 comments

So far nobody has been able to explain the strange phenomenon. Image Credit:
Villagers in a remote Kazakhstan village are still inexplicably falling asleep for days at a time.
The peculiar malady, which has afflicted as many as 100 people over the last two years, has now become so notorious that the people of Kalachi have taken to calling the place "Sleepy Hollow".

The ailment sees people suddenly falling asleep out of the blue and sometimes remaining that way for several days.

In one of the most recent cases eight children fell asleep within the space of an hour on the first day of school in September.
In another a total of 20 people fell unconscious at around the same time and couldn't be roused for several days. One ambulance driver even reported encountering as many as 60 people who were suffering from the condition during his visit to the village to investigate the phenomenon.

Whole groups of doctors, virologists, radiologists and toxicologists have all been to the village at various times but to date nobody has been able to find a conclusive explanation.

A Russia Today documentary detailing the mystery can be viewed below.

Source: Russia Today | Comments (49)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #40 Posted by ancient astronaut 10 years ago
Maybe because that's all there is to do there?????
Comment icon #41 Posted by Thisisweird 10 years ago
Could it be something to do with misquotes or other bugs, or maybe even something in there blood
Comment icon #42 Posted by skookum 10 years ago
Very sad, looking at they place they don't have much but their health. Doesn't look like their health is up to much either so maybe the authorities should do the right thing and move them and demolish what is left.
Comment icon #43 Posted by Atuke 10 years ago
Comment icon #44 Posted by praetorian-legio XIII 10 years ago
Out on a limb time...... They're not really sleeping. They are metaphysically existing in a parallel universe offering them more pleasure, comfort, happiness than their actual town. In a sense they escape to "Xanadu". And they can only remain there until such time as their physical bodies require maintenance. Where do I sign up?
Comment icon #45 Posted by ttownvstrom 10 years ago
It seems to me if somebody slept for 6 days the would die unless some how they had water, maybe by IV. Also I need to go to the bathroom every so often, 6 days your bladder would burst.
Comment icon #46 Posted by Ralaman 10 years ago
Go to Mexico....this is no "epidemic".
Comment icon #47 Posted by Izees 10 years ago
at time 11:25 " stong rain followed by strong wind...." It sounds like some chemitrail had caused this coma like effect!
Comment icon #48 Posted by DaiGer 10 years ago
People with insomnia should visit the place.
Comment icon #49 Posted by Rlyeh 10 years ago
at time 11:25 " stong rain followed by strong wind...." It sounds like some chemitrail had caused this coma like effect! Sounds nothing like an imaginary chemtrail.

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