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Modern Mysteries

New clues found in Kazakh village mystery

4-28-2018 | 1

A recent investigation may have revealed what caused 29 people to suddenly fall ill in the village of Beryozovka.

Space & Astronomy

Life-seeking space probe blasts off for Mars

 VIDEO  3-14-2016 | 18

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) successfully launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan this morning.

Archaeology & History

Mystery surrounds Kazakhstan geoglyphs

11-2-2015 | 9

Archaeologists have long struggled to explain the nature and origins of the ancient Steppe Geoglyphs.

Modern Mysteries

Black ring hovers in the sky over Kazakhstan

 VIDEO  4-8-2015 | 38

Locals were left perplexed after the peculiar spectacle appeared above the village of Shorthandy.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery Kalachi sleep epidemic continues

 VIDEO  12-17-2014 | 49

Villagers in a remote Kazakhstan village are still inexplicably falling asleep for days at a time.

Archaeology & History

New 'Nazca lines' discovered in Kazakhstan

9-25-2014 | 96

More than 50 previously unknown geoglyphs have been found sprawled across the north of the country.


Mystery pentagram shows up on Google Earth

12-29-2013 | 35

The perplexing symbol appeared on Google's online map of a remote region of Kazakhstan.

Modern Mysteries

Giant pentragram discovered in the desert

8-4-2013 | 70

Google Earth photographs show the presence of a huge pentagram in a remote region of Kazakhstan.

Science & Technology

Could an 'elixir of life' actually exist ?

11-7-2012 | 19

Scientists in Kazakhstan claim to have developed a drink that they are hailing as an 'elixir of life'.

Space & Astronomy

Soyuz lifts off on trip to space station

5-15-2012 | 0

Two Russians and one US astronaut have successfully launched from Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz spacecraft.

World of the Bizarre

Borat theme played at medal ceremony

3-25-2012 | 20

Organisers were mortified to discover they'd downloaded the wrong song for the Kazakhstan anthem.

Space & Astronomy

Russia resumes manned Soyuz flights

11-15-2011 | 3

Russia have returned to the ISS with a manned Soyuz launch from Kazakhstan carrying three astronauts.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed over Kazakhstan

8-18-2011 | 33

Sightings by numerous witnesses of a strange disc shaped object have taken Kazakhstan by storm.

Science & Technology

Kazakhstan to develop elixir of life

12-11-2010 | 18

Kazakhstan's president has urged scientists to concentrate their efforts on finding a cure for ageing.

The UFO Phenomenon

2 UFOs crash in Kazakhstan

5-16-2009 | 11

Two luminous objects described as 'UFOs' have reportedly crashed near a village in Kazakhstan. Local residents witnessed...


Kazakhstan to build alien embassy ?

4-23-2009 | 14

In a report from Kazakhstan this week, work is in progress to build the world's first alien embassy complete with a gues...

Modern Mysteries

Kazakh woman celebrates 130th birthday

4-6-2009 | 21

A woman in central Kazakhstan, Sakhan Dosova, has recently celebrated what is claimed to be her 130th birthday. With an ...

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