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Metaphysics & Psychology

Inception in real life: can we communicate through dreams?

2-4-2024 | 7

Scientists are finding new ways to interact with someone who is sleeping via lucid dreaming.

World of the Bizarre

Man shoots himself by accident during dream about being robbed

6-16-2023 | 8

A man from Illinois recently ended up in hospital after 'sleep-shooting' himself while dreaming that there was an intruder.

Modern Mysteries

10 years on - the man who was swallowed by a sinkhole

 VIDEO  4-18-2023 | 4

Back in 2013, Jeff Bush had been sleeping in his bed when a hole suddenly opened in the ground and swallowed him up.

Metaphysics & Psychology

New study associates lack of sleep with stronger paranormal beliefs

1-21-2023 | 16

Scientists have conducted a new study into the link between lack of sleep and a belief in aliens, ghosts and demons.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Pennsylvania woman left terrified by 'ghost' on security camera

11-14-2022 | 22

A mother-of-four was recently left 'scared to sleep' after spotting something unnerving on her home's CCTV system.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery still surrounds humming noise that has plagued town for years

 VIDEO  9-7-2022 | 12

The 'Holmfield hum' is so irritating that it has left some people suffering from ill-health and sleep deprivation.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' creeps into baby's cot in weird video clip

5-26-2022 | 18

Unnerving footage of something moving next to a sleeping baby has been generating interest on TikTok.

Nature & Environment

Surprisingly little is known about how sharks sleep

4-7-2022 | 1

Elasmobranch sleep expert Michael Liam Kelly reveals new research into this intriguing mystery.

Modern Mysteries

Woman claims she hasn't slept in over 40 years

9-4-2021 | 11

A woman in China maintains that she hasn't needed to close her eyes and go to sleep in over four decades.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Family sleeps on balcony to avoid angry ghost

7-22-2021 | 24

A French couple and their children have found a rather unique way of dealing with a haunting in their apartment.

Science & Technology

Amazon wants to use radar to track your sleep

7-12-2021 | 23

The online giant's next 'Echo' device will reportedly be capable of actively monitoring your sleeping habits.

Space & Astronomy

NASA battles air leak aboard the space station

8-25-2020 | 8

American astronauts on the ISS have been sleeping in the Russian segment while the leak is investigated.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Video shows 'ghost' watching man sleeping

 VIDEO  1-22-2020 | 21

A peculiar video, which shows an eerie figure staring at a man through a window, has recently gone viral online.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Mother is spooked by 'ghost baby' in crib

10-22-2019 | 44

Maritza Elizabeth was so freaked out that she couldn't sleep after spotting the ghostly infant on her baby cam.

Metaphysics & Psychology

The terrifying creatures of sleep paralysis

10-10-2019 | 89

During sleep paralysis, the experiencer can hallucinate all manner of strange entities in the room with them.

World of the Bizarre

Tiger enters house, goes to sleep on bed

 VIDEO  7-20-2019 | 8

A homeowner and his family were forced to flee when the enormous cat simply walked in the front door.

World of the Bizarre

Woman wakes up all alone in cold, dark plane

6-24-2019 | 13

Tiffani Adams fell asleep during her flight and awoke to find that she was trapped alone in the parked plane.

World of the Bizarre

Bear breaks into house, sleeps in closet

6-22-2019 | 11

A homeowner in Missoula County, Montana recently returned home to find a rather unwelcome guest.

Nature & Environment

80,000 bees found inside couple's bedroom wall

5-22-2019 | 5

A couple living in the Spanish town of Pinos Puente had been unable to sleep due to the loud buzzing sound.

Science & Technology

'Sleeping Beauty' naps for weeks at a time

3-25-2019 | 6

A woman with a rare sleeping disorder can sometimes spend weeks sleeping up to 22 hours a day.

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