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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Attenborough calls for climate change action

January 3, 2015 | Comment icon 39 comments

Sir David has called for more definitive action. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 USFWS / Steve Hillebrand
The naturalist believes that world leaders are in denial over the dangers posed by global warming.
With a career spanning over six decades, sir David Attenborough has had more experience than most when it comes to witnessing first hand the effects of climate change on the natural world.

In a stark warning this week the famed naturalist outlined his concerns about the lack of action being taken to address global warming and the fact that there are still those who deny that an issue even exists despite strong evidence to the contrary.

"Wherever you look there are huge risks," he said. "The awful thing is that people in authority and power deny that, when the evidence is overwhelming and they deny it because it’s easier to deny it – much easier to deny it’s a problem and say ‘we don’t care’."
While a crucial UN climate summit is scheduled to take place later this year, Sir David maintains that world leaders are still not taking the matter seriously enough.

"Never in the history of humanity in the last 10 million years have all human beings got together to face one danger that threatens us – never," he said.

"It’s a big ask, but the penalty of not taking any notice is huge."

Source: Independent | Comments (39)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #30 Posted by Doug1029 7 years ago
I would say we have passed the point of no return . The oceans are on the brink of death , literally on the brink of death . We are in the middle of the 6th largest mass extinction event on the planet and last year was the hottest year on record, and that will increase exponentially, Terrorism has evolved into frightening proportions that have changed how we live and at the moment, looks like not only can it not be stopped, it will only get worse . What is happening in some parts of the world beggars belief . What can we do ? recycle , use solar , ride a bike ? I think you're being a little to... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by Emma_Acid 7 years ago
When you consider that only commie "scientists" are the ones making the claims, that's an instant red flag Except it isn't.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Bavarian Raven 7 years ago
Except it isn't. Except it is.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Doug1029 7 years ago
YAWN. This climate science fiction is beyond tiresome. Fake "models" designed to "prove" the hoax, doctored data, and a cry that "only communism can save the world", only spell one thing, BULLS**T. I'm sorry, but I don't follow you. Just what does communism have to do with climate change? Russia (which doesn't have a name for what it is now) is ill-equipped to do anything about it and not inclined to anyway. China is making huge strides, but has a long way to go and is starting to look more fascist than communist. You people whining about "Conservative this, and Conservatives that" need to tak... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by Emma_Acid 7 years ago
Except it is. The only people making claims about climate change are communist scientists? No. Just wrong.
Comment icon #35 Posted by Bavarian Raven 7 years ago
The only people making claims about climate change are communist scientists? No. Just wrong. No. I was making fun of the person who said that.
Comment icon #36 Posted by bmk1245 7 years ago
[...] If you don't like those numbers, here's another one: http://www.cru.uea.a...hadcrut3ggl.txt You can find listings for the Palmer Drought Severity Index at: http://www1.ncdc.noa...rd964x.pdsi.txt These sites are nothing but raw data. [...] Links do not work. Can you recheck, please?
Comment icon #37 Posted by Calibeliever 7 years ago
I was catching up on the Daily Show last night and when Cass Sunstein came on. I immediately thought of this thread! I submit for your (dis)approval http://thedailyshow....q/cass-sunstein EDIT: beecaute I kent typ
Comment icon #38 Posted by Doug1029 7 years ago
Links do not work. Can you recheck, please? This one worked when I tried it just now: http://data.giss.nas...GLB.Ts dSST.txt The others didn't. I'll see if I can figure out what happened. What happened to the Hadley-Crutcher site is that UAnglia discontinued the Hadley-Crutcher3 dataset and took down the site while I wasn't looking. The Hadley-Crutcher4 site is: http://hadobs.metoffice.com/hadcrut4/ Here are two other sites of theirs that might be of interest: http://hadobs.metoffice.com/ http://hadobs.metoff...comparison.html There was some criticism that the Hadley-Crutcher3 database, being ... [More]
Comment icon #39 Posted by bmk1245 7 years ago
Ok, I figured it out... Many thanks, Doug!

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