Monday, July 15, 2019
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US military develops self-steering bullets

Posted on Thursday, 30 April, 2015 | Comment icon 28 comments

The technology enables extremely accurate shots. Image Credit: SSgt. Ezekiel R. Kitandwe
The ridiculously accurate projectiles are able to track and hit a moving target over long distances.
The job of a military sniper can be difficult at the best of times, but when you add strong winds and dusty terrain in to the mix, as was common during the campaign in Afghanistan, attempting to hit a distant target can become almost impossible.

To address these issues the US military has employed technology developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to create 'smart' bullets that actually steer themselves while in the air so that they almost always hit their target.

A recently released demonstration video shows both a trained marksman and a sniper novice managing to successfully hit a moving test target located at the other end of a firing range.

Known as Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance ( EXATCO ), this remarkable new technology could see use by military personnel in live combat situations in the not-too-distant future.

"True to DARPAís mission, EXACTO has demonstrated what was once thought impossible: the continuous guidance of a small-caliber bullet to target," said DARPA's Jerome Dunn.

"This live-fire demonstration from a standard rifle showed that EXACTO is able to hit moving and evading targets with extreme accuracy at sniper ranges unachievable with traditional rounds."

While this technology might sound scary, during live combat it could help to reduce civilian casualties by ensuring that fired bullets will always hit their intended targets.

The DARPA demonstration video showing the bullets in action can be viewed below.

Source: Live Science | Comments (28)

Tags: US Military, Self-Steering Bullets

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by Father Merrin on 30 April, 2015, 17:16
Yes and Yes!!!! I love guns. I don't like violence or anything of that sort and definitely not killing animals but I love shooting guns and the power behind it and the feeling you get, you know? I also have an air compressed (Co2 powered) very fancy BB Gun and a BB rifle. The gun has a nice grip and I used that more than the rifle. If I could I would love to get the Springfield DXM-9 Here a shot I took of one I almost purchased but they are quite expensive: The grip was really nice on this one for me and the weight was perfect. I might get a revolver with no hammer (they do well in a purse) bu... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by McFakename on 30 April, 2015, 17:19
Well these sound fun
Comment icon #21 Posted by BiffSplitkins on 30 April, 2015, 17:34
Gene Simmons did it first. Yes he did!
Comment icon #22 Posted by aquatus1 on 30 April, 2015, 20:00
War should never become too easy. We're moving closer to the Star Trek:TOS episode where the computers on two planets waged the war while the people obediently walked into disintegration booths like cattle. That's a little bit like worrying about going to the gym because you might become muscle-bound.
Comment icon #23 Posted by She-ra on 30 April, 2015, 21:05
I can highly recommend the browning HP, its a fantastic personal piece, saved my ass on more than one occasion!, That Springfield is a nice little piece too! Very easy to conceal! The Colt Mustang XSP or Beretta Nano are a good choice aswell, they are both more suited to the smaller hand, Do you have any rifles? I just have the BB rifle I talked about earlier and the hand Co2 powered BB gun. I do not own any *real* rifle, just the BB. I will take a pic later of it and show it to you. I do like the wood handles on some of the Browning High Powered gun's I've seen and the grips were okay to me. ... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by aquatus1 on 30 April, 2015, 21:35
this is far too expensive to ever make it to the front line! I cant even see it being beneficial for more of a sniper roll! a good marksman/sniper already knows how to make allowances for bullet trajectory over distance. Compensating for Crosswinds, drop, temperature, moving targets are all done in the blink of an eye for a professional marksman! i fail to see the practical use for this kind of bullet Really? Here's one: Reducing the need for the extensive time, money, and effort it takes to create a professional marksman with the experience and skill to compensate for wind, drop, temperature,... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by lightly on 1 May, 2015, 0:25
This whole thing reminded me of the movie "Wanted" when I first read it. Remember how she could bend the bullets mid-air to hit the targets she was trying to hit? Not sure why I thought of that - the two really aren't related. I don't like *war* either lightly but I do like to follow technology and what sort of developments are happening. I really like the point aquatus1 made: Quote reduce collateral damage and danger to non-combatants. War becomes more surgical and less savage. yup, aquatus made a good point. He very often does. ... I especially like the less savage part .. i'm just we... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by StRoostifer on 1 May, 2015, 2:45
So this will make humans even more efficient at hunting/killing fellow humans. I just love modern methods of depopulating the human condition. While the tech is pretty cool, its also kinda scary since its in the hands of the USA.INC.
Comment icon #27 Posted by BeastieRunner on 1 May, 2015, 22:06
I guess Shiva's Bow finally inspired some technology.
Comment icon #28 Posted by aquatus1 on 1 May, 2015, 22:08
.. i'm just weird, in that, i just can't accept war as a viable means of human interaction. i refuse to. ...that hasn't stopped war yet.. but i'm sure it will. It's not weird. It's actually quite common. Just a little unrealistic. But it won't be around forever. Once we figure out resource management, the need for war will gradually fade away, and the instinct for destruction will no longer be needed or enforced.

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