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Video of walking 'devil doll' appears online

By T.K. Randall
October 28, 2015 · Comment icon 34 comments

The walking doll is decidedly eerie. Image Credit: YouTube / Hotbrito
Old footage showing a strange child-sized doll that can walk like a human has gone viral on the Internet.
Believed to have been recorded around 40 years ago, the video demonstrates an eerily life-like toy that is thought to have been originally designed to help teach young girls how to walk.

With its strangely realistic movements and large black eyes, the creepy contraption was filmed in Saltillo, Mexico and was part of a series of toys known as 'Lily Lady'.

The footage has since gone on to clock up over two million views on social media.

Source: Movie Pilot | Comments (34)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #25 Posted by SiliRat 9 years ago
That video screams 'I was recorded with a 21st century smart phone'. (Admittedly, said screaming *is* in the voice of a demonic child.) That video screams 'I was recorded with a 21st century smart phone'. (Admittedly, said screaming *is* in the voice of a demonic child.)
Comment icon #26 Posted by fawkes2 9 years ago
Wow it's a toy!! Ehh so what so creepy
Comment icon #27 Posted by pallidin 9 years ago
It's just one of these (with hair chopped off and eyes removed): v=LqJGjdDC9FQ' Now that's creepy.
Comment icon #28 Posted by taniwha 9 years ago
The creepiest thing was the heavy breathing by whoever filmed it.
Comment icon #29 Posted by kobolds 9 years ago
what a cheap trick . the doll can only move when the person holding it shift it weight left and right. when the doll stop the woman make sure the doll not to fall before release her hand . they should first convert the video to VHS format quality before upload
Comment icon #30 Posted by Redefining Success 9 years ago
The video isnt 40 years old, the doll is around 40 years old.
Comment icon #31 Posted by KNash 9 years ago
I'm skeptical.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Jacques Terreur 9 years ago
I'm skeptical. and rightly so!
Comment icon #33 Posted by martin600 9 years ago
What a disappointment, how is that creeping anyone out? Looks cheap, sounds cheap, eyes are the only thing going for it... I agree, I see real people that are far creepier every day. Why is it called a "Devil" doll, what has it done?
Comment icon #34 Posted by AustinHinton 9 years ago
Baby No-Longer-Alive, brought to you by Mattel.

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