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'No evidence' of Nazi gold train found so far

By T.K. Randall
December 15, 2015 · Comment icon 93 comments

Could the whole thing have been a hoax ? Image Credit: CC 2.0 Easa Shamih
Researchers investigating claims of a gold-filled train in a hidden tunnel in Poland have come up empty.
The existence of the Nazi locomotive, which had only recently seemed inevitable after authorities claimed that they were 'almost certain' that it was there, has now been cast in to doubt after efforts to determine its whereabouts have failed to find any evidence of it at all.

The fabled train, which disappeared 70 years ago just as the Soviets were advancing on Poland, is believed to contain vast amounts of gold and other riches - perhaps even including the famous Amber Room which had been stolen from St Petersburg back in 1941.

The two men who originally reported that they'd uncovered the train's location, Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper, had previously come forward in a bid to dispel rumors that the whole thing was a hoax by appearing on national TV with a radar image that allegedly shows the actual locomotive itself.
Further investigations by authorities in Poland had reportedly discovered signs of a secret tunnel at the location the men had specified and were optimistic that something would be found there.

Now however Professor Janusz Madej from Krakow's Academy of Mining has stated during a press conference that while the tunnel may be real - no evidence of a train has been found.

So was the locomotive ever really there or could it all have been a hoax from the start ?

With any luck perhaps something will turn up as investigations continue over the coming months.

Source: BBC News | Comments (93)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #84 Posted by paperdyer 8 years ago
That's a good point.  I'm sure there are a number of lawyers ing their commercials to help the survivors get their fair share of the gold.  Ownership will probably be nearly impossible to proven.  I doubt the Nazis labeled where they got the gold from.  Then again they were Germans.  We tend to be a bit anal at times.
Comment icon #85 Posted by South Alabam 8 years ago
Well, we find out in a few days. Either have something cool to talk about, or lay it to rest, for now..  
Comment icon #86 Posted by Grand Moff Tarkin 8 years ago
i doubt it'll be particularly exciting. it'll probably be a class 52 Kriegslok, I expect, and with more than 7,000 of them built it wouldn't be particularly rare or exotic. 
Comment icon #87 Posted by kdwt 8 years ago
i live near this town (Walbrzych) Explorers build metal fence around place where test drilling will be held. But there are scientist's opinions from Metallurgy and Mining Academy there is not any train.
Comment icon #88 Posted by toast 8 years ago
Reichsflugscheibe. I tell ya!
Comment icon #89 Posted by EllJay 8 years ago
Is it that train where they think the Amber Room is on?? I really hope there is something there to be found - it would be quite amazing. But as always, one is doubtful. It would be really great if they found something in The Money Pit as well, but I don't hold my breath. There has been so many ups and downs with that place so people don't know what to think anymore.
Comment icon #90 Posted by Grand Moff Tarkin 8 years ago
Would be interesting if it turned out to be a long-forgotten research center full of some of those very interesting secret aircraft projects the Reich was full of at the end of the war; how about a Focke-Wulf Triebflügel ? or some of those ramjet interceptors. Lippisch P.13a Certainly a lot more interesting than gold and Art and things.
Comment icon #91 Posted by PersonFromPorlock 8 years ago
There was a lot of interesting stuff on paper, but my understanding - and it may be wrong - is that many of the design studies were busy-work to keep the younger engineers from being drafted and wasted on the Eastern Front; the German airplane makers understood that there was going to be an 'after the war', and that keeping their talent intact (and alive!) was necessary.
Comment icon #92 Posted by kdwt 8 years ago
Everyone can get on excavations area but permission is very expensive (thousends $)
Comment icon #93 Posted by Codenwarra 8 years ago
Al least the SR Q1 is of the same era   

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