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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Science & Technology

French designer envisages real-life Snowpiercer

7-12-2021 | 3

Esteemed designer Thierry Gaugain has designed an opulent 'palace on wheels' for those who can afford it.


Weird mutant rabbits walk around on two legs

 VIDEO  3-27-2021 | 7

Scientists believe that they have determined why a peculiar strain of rabbit walks around doing a handstand.

Space & Astronomy

Microbes 'unknown to science' found on ISS

3-18-2021 | 12

Scientists have discovered three strains of bacteria on the orbiting outpost that have never been seen before.


Former footballer was once 'abducted by aliens'

6-17-2020 | 7

Former Argentine player Guillermo Marino once had a remarkable explanation for being late for training.

Modern Mysteries

Secret tunnel discovered under train station

5-8-2020 | 12

Archaeologists have unearthed a mysterious 19th-Century tunnel hidden beneath a station in Denmark.


Does Iran have a pod of Soviet killer dolphins ?

1-13-2020 | 11

It turns out that there is a possibility, albeit a small one, that Iran's Navy includes trained dolphin assassins.

The UFO Phenomenon

Starlink satellite train sparks UFO reports

 VIDEO  5-26-2019 | 12

A Dutch UFO website was inundated with reports on Saturday after a conga line of lights appeared in the sky.


Exorcism course opens its doors in Rome

 VIDEO  5-10-2019 | 19

For the first time, the Roman Catholic Church is offering exorcism training to all major Christian denominations.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Flare training' causes San Diego UFO scare

 VIDEO  8-31-2018 | 19

Hundreds of people took to social media to report a set of strange lights hovering over the city on Wednesday.

Space & Astronomy

NASA astronaut quits halfway through training

8-29-2018 | 19

For the first time in 50 years, an astronaut has voluntarily stepped down in the middle of the training program.


Man reports 'Bigfoot' sighting in England

5-12-2018 | 23

A train passenger traveling from Exeter to Bristol claimed to have seen a 'Bigfoot-like creature' in a nearby field.

Science & Technology

Scientists train spider to jump on demand

 VIDEO  5-9-2018 | 13

Jumping spiders are capable of launching themselves six times their body length from a standing start.

Natural World

Killer whale learns to say 'hello' and 'bye'

 VIDEO  1-31-2018 | 9

A 14-year-old orca named Wikie has succeeded in imitating some of the words spoken by her trainer.

Natural World

Scientists find that mosquitoes can be trained

1-26-2018 | 4

A new experiment has revealed that mosquitoes are able to remember when a person tries to swat them.


Public names locomotive 'Trainy McTrainface'

7-23-2017 | 27

A recent poll in Sweden has shown, once again, why asking the public to name anything is a bad idea.

Natural World

US Navy dolphins set to help save porpoises

7-1-2017 | 4

The Mexican government is hoping to use specially trained dolphins to save the vaquita porpoise.

Science & Technology

DARPA investigating fast learning methods

5-8-2017 | 6

Researchers at DARPA want to make it possible for a soldier to be trained in a fraction of the time.

Science & Technology

VR helps paralyzed patients to walk again

 VIDEO  8-12-2016 | 5

In a remarkable breakthrough, a brain training system has restored movement in eight paraplegic patients.

Modern Mysteries

Team set to dig up Nazi gold train in Poland

8-11-2016 | 93

An excavation later this month will aim to solve the mystery of the Nazi gold train once and for all.


Man knocks over statue while taking selfie

5-9-2016 | 33

A man in Portugal was arrested by police after managing to destroy a historic statue at a train station.

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