Monday, May 28, 2018
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Derren Brown takes his demon out for a walk

Posted on Monday, 18 April, 2016 | Comment icon 17 comments

The impressive costume proved utterly terrifying. Image Credit: YouTube / Thorpe Park Resort
The psychological illusionist was filmed scaring theme park staff with a four-legged demon on a leash.
The stunt, which was part of a promotion for Brown's upcoming ghost train ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey, saw unsuspecting staff members running in terror as the creature lunged at them.

In one scene the demon, which was actually a man wearing an extremely impressive costume, managed to scare the living daylights out of a woman at the park's ticket office while in another it was able to surprise an attendant who had been picking up litter.

Towards the end of the video the four-legged nasty terrified a women exiting an elevator at the company's offices before riding it to the upper floor and chasing the staff down the corridors.

"I am excited to reveal another glimpse into my new attraction, giving the first look behind the doors of the Ghost Train," said Brown.

"Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the components of the attraction and decided to run scare tests with my demon creature - the reactions were hilarious and very encouraging."

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (17)

Tags: Derren Brown, Demon, Prank

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Sundew on 19 April, 2016, 0:49
Good thing no one had a weak heart. Imagine the law suit with that one. Good thing for the "demon" Britain doesn't have concealed carry.
Comment icon #9 Posted by tcgram on 19 April, 2016, 0:52
I'd have beaten him with something, I tend to have that kind of a reaction.
Comment icon #10 Posted by odiesbsc on 19 April, 2016, 1:12
Good thing for the "demon" Britain doesn't have concealed carry. If that would have happened in America, there are many people armed, (like myself) that would have shot the thing.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Gecks on 19 April, 2016, 1:52
That sneaking up on you would scare the hell out of anyone
Comment icon #12 Posted by Codenwarra on 19 April, 2016, 1:58
I had a flatmate who joined up with a local club. One afternoon the club president came around to see him about something. I answered the door. Gave me a shock as the club president was and still is the ugliest man I have ever seen. He would have startled a Neanderthal. Nice bloke but jumpin' jiminy - - - . I suspect that this is staged.
Comment icon #13 Posted by BeastieRunner on 19 April, 2016, 17:45
The size of that elevator almost scare me more than the "demon"... That is one small lift.
Comment icon #14 Posted by mskate on 20 April, 2016, 1:13
.Gezee! that was a good one!LOL It would have put me in the hospital'
Comment icon #15 Posted by TopToffee on 20 April, 2016, 10:16
Dated worse.
Comment icon #16 Posted by LV-426 on 20 April, 2016, 17:39
I'd have beaten him with something, I tend to have that kind of a reaction. I remember giving an old girlfriend a scare back in my teens during a horror movie. She jerked sharply, and unintentionally - or so she claimed! - whacked me in the groin... needless to say, I didn't have the last laugh...
Comment icon #17 Posted by LV-426 on 20 April, 2016, 17:48
Japan does these things best. They aren't entertained unless you need several years of psychological counselling!

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