Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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New Megaraptor dinosaur found in Argentina

Posted on Monday, 25 July, 2016 | Comment icon 14 comments

Megaraptors were highly proficient at hunting down prey. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Gonce
A new species of meat-eating dinosaur dating back to the Late Cretaceous has been unearthed in Patagonia.
Named Murusraptor barrosaensis, this previously unknown theropod was part of a family of dinosaurs known as the megaraptorids which were fast, agile and extremely capable hunters.

Discovered in a fossil-rich region of Patagonia known as Sierra Barrosa, Murusraptor has been described as one of the most complete megaraptorids ever found.
This particular specimen was so well-preserved that even its brain case was still intact. Its name was derived from 'Murus' - meaning 'wall' in Latin - after the fossil was found in the side of a canyon.

"A new meat-eating dinosaur, Murusraptor barrosaensis, has been discovered from 80 million year old rocks from Patagonia, Argentina," said researcher Rodolfo Coria.

"Although incomplete, the beautifully preserved bones of Murusraptor unveil unknown information about the skeletal anatomy of megaraptors, a highly specialized group of Mesozoic predators."

Source: Seeker.com | Comments (14)

Tags: Dinosaur

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by jarjarbinks on 26 July, 2016, 2:51
what would you prefer ? being eaten alive by a lion or a raptor ?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Lucas Cooper Merrin on 26 July, 2016, 5:32
Or a sex starved 50 yearold woman who has kept herself reasonably fit
Comment icon #7 Posted by Zalmoxis on 30 July, 2016, 17:18
A really scary chicken.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Merc14 on 1 August, 2016, 18:37
I didn't know that dinosaurs could have hollow bones like a flying reptile.  Wouldn't this mean they are more pterosaur than dinosaur?
Comment icon #9 Posted by BeastieRunner on 1 August, 2016, 20:13
Pterasaurs are more like flying reptiles while dinosaurs (therepod-classes) are more like flightless birds.
Comment icon #10 Posted by newbloodmoon on 7 August, 2016, 5:39
I admit that I am a late comer to liking the raptors due to the overhype of the Jurassic park movies but they have grown on me over the years. I think it's quite cool they have found another mega raptor. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by Carnoferox on 10 August, 2016, 15:33
Megaraptors aren't closely related to Velociraptor and its kin (the dromaeosaurs). They are closer to Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus.
Comment icon #12 Posted by newbloodmoon on 12 August, 2016, 5:46
Yes, but I am still excited over the new find.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Lucas Cooper Merrin on 12 August, 2016, 9:52
How is the relation determined?
Comment icon #14 Posted by Carnoferox on 12 August, 2016, 16:15
Cladistic analyses; using computer software to match similar traits of the bones of dinosaurs.

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