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Space & Astronomy

Building blocks of life discovered on Ceres

February 17, 2017 | Comment icon 11 comments

Ceres is a world shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
NASA's Dawn spacecraft has found carbon-based materials similar to those found on the early Earth.
The largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres has been the subject of much intrigue recently thanks to its mysterious bright spots and anomalous surface features.

Now scientists have revealed the discovery of materials similar to those thought to have made up the building blocks of life here on Earth. The find is important as it suggests that the early solar system was potentially rich in the chemicals needed for life to develop.
"The discovery indicates that the starting material in the solar system contained the essential elements, or the building blocks, for life," said mission lead scientist Christopher Russell.

The materials in question were discovered inside a 31-mile-wide crater on the dwarf planet's surface and scientists do not believe that they were deposited there by an asteroid or comet.

This means that it is even possible that Ceres itself may have harbored life in the distant past.

Source: Sky News | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Mr.United_Nations 6 years ago
Maybe sooner than 25 years, earliest i say is 10
Comment icon #3 Posted by khol 6 years ago
I hope your will be an incredible discovery!     
Comment icon #4 Posted by taniwha 6 years ago
Ceres would be the ideal laboratory to create synthetic alien life ! 
Comment icon #5 Posted by toast 6 years ago
I have no such schedule because I`m always in the opinion It could had happen 27 minutes ago.
Comment icon #6 Posted by FTWind 6 years ago
The more and more we discover it seems life seems to be the norm....maybe life is the purpose of the universe...that life is enevitable...though if the universe was made to produce life what will be the end result of intelligence?
Comment icon #7 Posted by rod64 6 years ago
What? There's intelligent life in the universe?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Frank Merton 6 years ago
Now there is a stretch -- from chemicals needed for life to intelligent life.  I think it does mean Ceres is something worth more attention, which was probably the purpose of the announcement.
Comment icon #9 Posted by rod64 6 years ago
Okay, it was a joke, we are part of the universe, hence the joke.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Frank Merton 6 years ago
Ok, and throw me into a lake and I will sink.
Comment icon #11 Posted by khol 6 years ago
Theres a good sci fi in there somewhere!... but seriously if we are still around in a couple hundred years who knows what humans will be up to.  

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