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Police investigate mysterious 'cat shaver'

By T.K. Randall
May 2, 2017 · Comment icon 61 comments

At least seven cats have been abducted to date. Image Credit:
An unknown individual in Virginia has been abducting pet cats and then returning them partially shaved.
Residents in Waynesboro have become so fed up with the problem that they've taken to erecting warning signs on their street in an effort to encourage others to come forward with information.

According to the police, the perpetrator uses a razor to selectively shave the cats' underbellies.

"It hurts, because she can't tell me," resident Rebekah Martin said of her cat Tigerlily. "I know it probably hurt her, probably not physically, but mentally that has to be really hard on her."
"She doesn't want to be picked up anymore. She used to be really nice and you could pick her up and hold her and everything, and now she just doesn't want to be picked up anymore."

Several of her neighbors have also reported the same thing over the last few months.

"Collectively, this involves seven cats that are indoor and outdoor cats," said Capt. Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro Police Department. "The cats are wearing collars and are well-groomed."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #52 Posted by Matt221 7 years ago
How can anyone partially shave a cat that's just weird......they could at least shave the whole thing 
Comment icon #53 Posted by WoIverine 7 years ago
Or even if they were to shave in some kind of artistic designs / patterns, at least that would be something. Cat circles.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Matt221 7 years ago
Here's one I prepared earlier
Comment icon #55 Posted by Future ghost 7 years ago
Cool design, but he just looks so humiliated,.....and cold.
Comment icon #56 Posted by WoIverine 7 years ago
lol, you almost wonder how all those poodles feel about their Mickey Mouse-esque inspired looks, especially the males.
Comment icon #57 Posted by Matt221 7 years ago
Lol dogs look better
Comment icon #58 Posted by Future ghost 7 years ago
I want one!
Comment icon #59 Posted by ChaosRose 7 years ago
If you're gonna do a thing, at least do it right.
Comment icon #60 Posted by ChaosRose 7 years ago
Aww...poor thng.
Comment icon #61 Posted by Lilly 7 years ago
Don't shave your just looks stupid and stresses out the pet. As for the mysterious 'cat shaver', perhaps someone is looking for spay scars (as already postulated earlier in this thread). Easy way to determine if this might be the case, were the bellies of any male cats shaved? As we all know checking to see if a male cat is neutered would not involve having to shave his under belly (just look to see if his testicles are gone). Regardless of the motivation, this is a very weird thing.

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