Monday, June 27, 2022
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Mystery 'large predator' kills sheep in England

1-9-2021 | 10

A rural crime team has been investigating a spate of unexplained sheep deaths at a farm in Cheshire.


Tracker: UK has 'viable population' of big cats

10-12-2020 | 17

One of the UK's top big cat trackers believes that there is a viable, breeding population of exotic cats in the wild.


Mystery big cats reported across Scotland

5-26-2020 | 1

Recent accounts have indicated that the Loch Ness Monster is not the only thing lurking in the Scottish wilds.

Science & Technology

New report exposes 'cat cannibalism' research

3-22-2019 | 6

A disturbing new report highlights some of the unsavoury animal experiments carried out by government scientists.


'Extinct' cougars sighted in North Carolina

3-21-2019 | 27

Several people have come forward to report cougar sightings despite the cats being extinct in the state.

Natural World

It's official - cats are rubbish at catching rats

9-30-2018 | 12

A new study has cast doubt on the practice of releasing cats in to cities to help curb rat populations.

Modern Mysteries

'Croydon cat killer' mystery has been solved

9-20-2018 | 19

Police in London have reached the end of their investigation in to the deaths of hundreds of pet cats.

Natural World

'Clashindarroch Beast' filmed in Scotland

 VIDEO  3-28-2018 | 32

One of the largest wildcats ever seen anywhere in the world has been caught on camera in Aberdeenshire.

Natural World

Study shows cats can be right or left-pawed

1-22-2018 | 8

It's not only humans who favor one hand over the other - cats seem to share this preference as well.

Natural World

Cats were first domesticated 9,000 years ago

6-19-2017 | 14

A major new study has revealed how cats went from wild animals to one of mankind's closest friends.


'Black panther' sighted in British woodland

6-2-2017 | 29

Emma Adam had been out walking in woods near the town of Ashby when she encountered a large black cat.

Modern Mysteries

Police investigate mysterious 'cat shaver'

5-2-2017 | 61

An unknown individual in Virginia has been abducting pet cats and then returning them partially shaved.


Cats ring bell to get food in bizarre video

 VIDEO  4-1-2017 | 7

The experiment saw two cats being provided with a bell that they could ring in order to receive a treat.

Natural World

Are cats equally as intelligent as dogs ?

1-26-2017 | 53

Scientists in Japan have shown that cats are just as good at memory tests as their canine counterparts.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds cat kidnappings in Austria

8-26-2016 | 19

Dozens of cats have been going missing under mysterious circumstances in the town of Frauenkirchen.


Has 'Beast of Bodmin' mystery been solved ?

7-24-2016 | 13

A zoo owner has come forward with information that could help to explain the alien big cat phenomenon.

Science & Technology

Goats would make good pets, say scientists

7-6-2016 | 17

New research has suggested that goats are actually just as loving and intelligent as dogs and cats.

Natural World

Why are cats more independent than dogs ?

9-5-2015 | 33

Researchers at the University of Lincoln have shed light on why cats seem to fare better when left alone.


Mysterious beast prowls Plymouth suburbs

7-3-2015 | 20

An animal that resembles a large predatory cat has been seen stalking a quiet neighborhood in England.

Natural World

Viral video shows jaguar feeding underwater

 VIDEO  5-7-2015 | 18

Despite cats having a reputation for disliking water the jaguar actually feels very much at home in it.

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