Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Space nation 'Asgardia' set to launch probe

Posted on Tuesday, 13 June, 2017 | Comment icon 3 comments

Asgard is set to be the world's first space-based nation. Image Credit: NASA / Terry Virts
The so-called 'first nation state in space' is about to make its first foray in to the final frontier.
The brainchild of Russian nanoscientist Igor Ashurbeyli and masterminded by an international consortium of scientists, engineers, businessmen and lawyers, the extortionately ambitious endeavour aims to found an entire nation in orbit around the Earth.

The idea behind Asgardia, which is named after the mythical city of Norse mythology, is to create an independent country where scientific advancement is prioritized over financial and political ambition.

The project is even aiming to defend the Earth against threats from outer space such as asteroid strikes, solar flares and space debris.
While the whole idea has been met with an understandably large degree of skepticism, Ashurbeyli himself remains committed and is now planning to launch Asgardia's first satellite which will contain data contributed by the nation's future population - the Asgardians.

"Sixty years after the launch of the first ever artificial satellite, Sputnik, our own space satellite, Asgardia-1 will mark the beginning of a new space era, taking our citizens into space in virtual form, at first," said Ashurbeyli.

"Asgardia-1 will contain data stored for free for up to 1.5 million Asgardians on board the satellite. These are historic days, and your names and data will forever stay in the memory of the new space humanity, as they will be reinstalled on every new Asgardia satellite we launch."

Source: Tech Radar | Comments (3)

Tags: Asgardia

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Tacoavenger17 on 13 June, 2017, 20:53
This is going to turn out similar to the movie Elysium with Matt Damon, makes me think of bioshock too for some reason.
Comment icon #2 Posted by DanL on 13 June, 2017, 22:15
This sort of thing pops up every few decades. It is a great idea but since people are involved as soon as enough money stats coming in THAT is what the entire enterprise becomes...just another scam that takes in money so that the "opperators can get rich. Money attracts this sort of person the same way a pile of fresh poop attracts flies.  Also governments won't tolerate it. Governments say in power by seperating people into groups and then convincing them that they are protecting them from all the other people. Anything that involves people across international lines coming together is seen a... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by paperdyer on 14 June, 2017, 18:58
I don't see how monetary advancement is going to be kept out of the equation with lawyers involved.  How is the space city/state/country, for want of a better classification, going to deal with us monetary motivated Earthlings to keep them in supplies they can't produce themselves. ,  If the whole thing works, FABULOUS!

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