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Real-life treasure hunt has claimed two lives

By T.K. Randall
June 23, 2017 · Comment icon 16 comments

The treasure is out there somewhere. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Daniel Mayer
Two people have died while attempting to track down a $2M haul hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.
The treasure, which consists of a bronze chest filled with gold nuggets, ancient artifacts and jewellery, has been hidden at a secret location by 86-year-old art dealer Forrest Fenn.

Several people have journeyed in to the mountains in an attempt to claim it for themselves but to date nobody has managed to find it and two people have lost their lives in the process.

The latest victim is 52-year-old Paris Wallace, a pastor from Colorado who sparked a major search and rescue operation after he disappeared during an ill-fated hunt for the treasure.
It took multiple helicopters, dog teams and police officers to eventually locate his remains.

His death comes one year after another Colorado resident - Randy Bilyeu - also died while searching for the treasure in a remote part of New Mexico.

Authorities have appealed to Fenn to retrieve the chest before anyone else dies looking for it, however he has so far refused to do so and seems unlikely to change his mind.

"It is always tragic when someone dies, and this latest loss hit me very hard," he said. "Life is too short to wear both a belt and suspenders. If someone drowns in the swimming pool we shouldn't drain the pool, we should teach people to swim."

Source: Independent | Comments (16)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Adampadum123 7 years ago
Maybe he found it! and someone decided to kill him an take the treasure! I know I would lol 
Comment icon #8 Posted by Klownzilla 7 years ago
I think he wrote a poem with clues contained in it that will lead you to the treasure
Comment icon #9 Posted by Myles 7 years ago
Why would you assume he wouldn't donate it?    That's pretty crappy.  
Comment icon #10 Posted by Future ghost 7 years ago
Yeah, I suppose it was crappy of me. Since there was no mention of his intent to donate I figured he had no plans to, and I thought that would be pretty crappy of someone who was a pastor. My bad, I guess. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by freetoroam 7 years ago
Its not really crappy, if they can steal from their own church, then why would they donate what they find? Not saying he was stealing from his church, but just trying to point out they are not all the honest of people. here is one link, too many cases out there to put all the links up.
Comment icon #12 Posted by paperdyer 7 years ago
He may have been looking for it to give to is Church.  Maybe the Church needed repairs or some charity needed the money.
Comment icon #13 Posted by rashore 7 years ago
It might not be in conflict. Pastor Wallace was of a non-denominational church, they might not have had a stance on seeking wealth. The articles don't say what he was planning to do with the money at all, just that he was treasure hunting. It could be that he was just into the hunt itself because he enjoyed it. There's pastors that hunt for bigfoot, or rare stamps or go trophy hunting.. why not a treasure map mystery?
Comment icon #14 Posted by LucidElement 7 years ago
Maybe he would have donated it. We need to find out if that was his body.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Myles 7 years ago
You are confused about the guy we were talking about.   
Comment icon #16 Posted by LucidElement 7 years ago
ya i JUST caught it lol. I flipped the guys around . my bad =) .. Im going to research and see if the body they found was the pastors.

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