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NASA scientist denies absurd Mars conspiracy

By T.K. Randall
June 30, 2017 · Comment icon 177 comments

No, Mars is not home to a colony of slave children. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
A guest on the Alex Jones Show had suggested that children were being sent to Mars to work as slaves.
As far as conspiracy theories go, it doesn't get much more ridiculous than this.

During the show on Thursday 29th, Jones' guest Robert David Steele put forward the bizarre notion that NASA was covering up the fact that there is a work colony for children on the surface of Mars.

"This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride," he said.
"So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony."

Where Steele, a former Marine and Central Intelligence Agency case officer, got this idea from remains unclear, but NASA scientist Guy Webster was keen to set the record straight.

"There are no humans on Mars," he said. "There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren't. There are. But there are no humans."

Steele's comments, which were picked up by numerous news outlets, have since gone viral online.

Source: Tech Times | Comments (177)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #168 Posted by ChrLzs 5 years ago
More offtopic drivel... And no-one (as of now) has liked any of your contributions to this thread.... So... let me think this through - apparently likes are important to Manfred and they mean something.. so what does that imply? Maybe that a mirror check might be in order?  
Comment icon #169 Posted by Merc14 5 years ago
I can request to show a post when I want to and sure enough you were badmouthing me so I let you know exactly why you are on ignore.   The fact that you don't unnderstand this is simply proof of my earlier accusation.    I probably won't respond further as trolls liek you causing problems on threads with your one sentence, moronic responses
Comment icon #170 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy 5 years ago
I think we can now conclude that there are no one here who actually believes the story of slaves on Mars. So it seems that there are two schools of thought here: 1. This is just an absurd claim by a crazy person. 2. This is part of an effort to discredit Alex Jones. Since Alex Jones does a fine job of discrediting himself I think I will go for number 1. 
Comment icon #171 Posted by Astra. 5 years ago
There are many posters here that I give 'like's' to. Hence the feature. Besides, what business is it off yours in who's posts I 'like' ? I also do not appreciate being brought into your issues that you obviously have with other people here. It seems, that this is a 'you' problem Manfred...certainly not mine. Rather than being a 'pot stirrer' on these boards....maybe you should...get a life!!   
Comment icon #172 Posted by bee 5 years ago
  re number 1 -- fancy the CIA and the Marine Corps not noticing he was a crazy person - -  that was a few years ago but perhaps he went crazy after that ? but I have heard it said that once CIA always CIA.. ? quote --  "He resigned from the CIA in 1988 to accept an invitation from the Marine Corps to establish the Marine Corps Intelligence Center as a GM-14 civil servant, where he remained until 1993. Steele also received a professional certificate in defense studies from the Naval War College in 1990." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ re number 2 --- ... [More]
Comment icon #173 Posted by Rlyeh 5 years ago
Did anyone notice John Lear was crazy before he started to regurgitate every bull**** story he heard?  It's a wonder you still use this appeal to authority argument, but then you have nothing else.
Comment icon #174 Posted by bee 5 years ago
I have suspicions about John Lear as well -  He brought a lot of ridicule to the UFO / ET subject -  for example the soul tower on the moon thing - and he also championed the holographic planes conspiracy theory on 9/11- edit to add --- note CIA connections  
Comment icon #175 Posted by Merc14 5 years ago
You forgot about Bee.  Ceres2000 is probably sold as well, he believes anything you tell him.
Comment icon #176 Posted by bee 5 years ago
  errrrrrrr I don't believe in the child slaves on Mars nonsense   -  Keep up.....         
Comment icon #177 Posted by Rlyeh 5 years ago
That soul tower comes from a book about psychics or remote viewing, he's just repeating a story he read. Some of his other claims comes what people has told him on the Above Top Secret forum, something he has admitted in a couple of interviews. He's either very gullible or doesn't care about credibility. He also claims - Bigfoot is from mars. There are something like 40 planets in the solar system with people living on every one of them. Gas giants don't exist but are solid ground with people living on them. **This contradicts physics and observable evidence. He uses a very different formula t... [More]

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