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Mars simulation crew to emerge after 8 months

By T.K. Randall
September 17, 2017 · Comment icon 5 comments

This is the closest you can get to living on Mars without leaving the Earth. Image Credit: NASA
The crew of six NASA astronauts has been living in a dome near one of Hawaii's largest volcanoes.
Known as the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) project, the eight-month simulated mission has been designed to provide a better understanding of the mental, physical and psychological impact of living in the cramped and isolated conditions of a base on another world.

Since January of this year, the crew of four men and two women have remained completely isolated from the outside world with nobody but each other for company.

To simulate an actual Mars mission as closely as possible, the astronauts have had nothing but packaged food to eat and a 20-minute delay has been added to all communications.
"Long term space travel is absolutely possible," said HI-SEAS project specialist Laura Lark.

"There are certainly technical challenges to be overcome. There are certainly human factors to be figured out, that's part of what HI-SEAS is for. But I think that overcoming those challenges is just a matter of effort. We are absolutely capable of it."

Source: Economic Times | Comments (5)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by fred_mc 6 years ago
This kind of simulation has been made before. There was a similar simulation of a Mars journey in Russia some years ago (with participants from several different countries I think). Wonder what they could learn more from this simulation.
Comment icon #2 Posted by DanL 6 years ago
The dynamics of the crew will change with every change of personnel. A 4 man 2 woman crew will have a different dynamic than one made of 4 women and 2 men. They need to experiment to see if there is a BEST mix for a crew to survive with the lowest possible stress. There are lots of possible variations and before you spend a large fortune sending a small crew on this voyage you need to learn as much as possible about what it will mean and do to the different crews.
Comment icon #3 Posted by dlh 6 years ago
It is reassuring that there were no murders or suicides.
Comment icon #4 Posted by qxcontinuum 6 years ago
are they still 8 , maybe 9 ... who knows... i guess will find out after 9 months ?
Comment icon #5 Posted by taniwha 6 years ago
Well they have been isolated 8 months already, so maybe we will find out next month?  Twins would be cute.

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