Friday, March 24, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

Mystery of weird green lasers over Hawaii has now been solved

 VIDEO  2-13-2023 | 14

A series of green laser beams descending from the sky appeared over the islands of Hawaii back on January 28th.

Nature & Environment

Extensive fire ant infestation in Hawaii is now largest on record

11-14-2022 | 9

Authorities in the state have moved to warn residents of the dangers posed by these tiny communal insects.

The UFO Phenomenon

F-22s scrambled to intercept mystery 'balloon' off Hawaii

2-19-2022 | 14

The US tactical fighter jets were sent to intercept a suspicious object near Kauai's north shore.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mass UFO sighting reported over Hawaii

1-3-2021 | 63

Multiple witnesses last week reported seeing a bright blue object fall from the sky into the ocean.

Science & Technology

Fresh water reservoir discovered off Hawaii

11-26-2020 | 2

A new imaging technique has provided an effective way to locate hidden undersea sources of drinking water.

World of the Bizarre

Man dies after falling down lava tube in his yard

11-9-2019 | 4

A 71-year-old man in Hawaii was killed after he fell down a lava tube that had opened up in his own garden.

World of the Bizarre

Man survives plunge into Hawaiian volcano

 VIDEO  5-3-2019 | 16

A visitor to Hawaii's Kilauea volcano got more than he bargained for after climbing over the safety railings.

Science & Technology

Hurricane makes an entire island disappear

 VIDEO  10-25-2018 | 4

An island in the remote Hawaiian archipelago was wiped off the face of the Earth by a storm earlier this month.

Nature & Environment

Whale-dolphin hybrid discovered off Hawaii

 VIDEO  7-29-2018 | 12

Originally spotted last year, this unusual animal has since been confirmed to be a genuine cross-breed.

Modern Mysteries

'Apocalyptic' sounds recorded in Hawaii

 VIDEO  4-12-2018 | 31

The strange sounds were picked up over a mountainous region of the Hawaiian archipelago last week.

Science & Technology

Hawaii 'lava dome' revealed in throwback image

4-8-2018 | 6

This remarkable dome of churning molten magma was photographed in Hawaii by the US Geological Survey.

Space & Astronomy

Mars simulation crew to emerge after 8 months

 VIDEO  9-17-2017 | 5

The crew of six NASA astronauts has been living in a dome near one of Hawaii's largest volcanoes.

Nature & Environment

Huge sea sponge thought to be world's largest

 VIDEO  5-29-2016 | 4

Divers have discovered an ancient, minivan-sized sea sponge in an ocean ridge off the coast of Hawaii.

Nature & Environment

Ghostly deep sea octopus filmed 4.3km down

 VIDEO  3-5-2016 | 11

The remarkable cephalopod was captured on camera off Hawaii by a remotely operated underwater vehicle.

Nature & Environment

Extremely rare deep sea squid caught on film

 VIDEO  12-7-2015 | 7

Researchers have captured footage of a mysterious species of deep sea cephalopod off the coast of Hawaii.

Space & Astronomy

One-year Mars isolation simulation has begun

8-30-2015 | 20

Six people will spend the next year living in a dome in Hawaii to simulate a manned mission to Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA prepares for second 'flying saucer' test

6-2-2015 | 7

The space agency will be testing out its futuristic Mars landing system over Hawaii this week.

Nature & Environment

Injured dolphin seeks help from divers

1-27-2013 | 13

Divers in Hawaii had an unexpected visitor in the form of a dolphin tangled up in a fishing line.

Nature & Environment

Ancient moss cloned itself for 50,000 years

1-3-2012 | 6

Moss on the Hawaiin Islands is thought to be one of the oldest multicellular organisms on Earth.

Modern Mysteries

Shipwreck linked to 'Moby-Dick' found

2-14-2011 | 6

A shipwreck skippered by the captain who inspired Moby Dick has been found off Hawaii.

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