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Farm breeds mutant pigs with huge muscles

By T.K. Randall
September 30, 2017 · Comment icon 22 comments

The shameful practice has been highlighted by animal rights groups this week. Image Credit:
A farm in Cambodia has reportedly been creating massive mutant pigs with abnormally oversized muscles.
The illicit operation, which was uncovered by animal rights organization PETA, has been met with universal condemnation ever since details about it were posted online three days ago.

"Mutant pigs bred to grow to an enormous size just to be slaughtered and eaten ?" wrote PETA's Danny Prater. "This is the very real horror that seems to be unfolding on a Cambodian farm, where genetically altered pigs are being bred to develop heaping knots of muscle mass."
The idea of breeding genetically modified pigs to increase the amount of meat produced is something that has been explored before, despite protests from animal rights groups.

In 2015, an experiment conducted by researchers from South Korea and China demonstrated that the concept did not work in practice because most of the animals didn't survive and even among those that did, most suffered from health problems and were of no commercial value.

"Hulk-like pigs are the stuff of nightmares, not meals, and those who are genetically engineered are also likely to be born with painful health issues," PETA wrote.

Source: Tech Times | Comments (22)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by third_eye 7 years ago
Just for you ... the Incomparable Miss Piggy ... ~   [00.01:52] ~
Comment icon #14 Posted by Dark_Grey 7 years ago
I can't believe she did so many! 
Comment icon #15 Posted by Harte 7 years ago
I would eat that. Bet it would make a heck of a barbecue. Harte
Comment icon #16 Posted by TonopahRick 7 years ago
Give them a helmet and let them go fight the terrorists.
Comment icon #17 Posted by qxcontinuum 7 years ago
there's many other wrong things about that country....
Comment icon #18 Posted by simplybill 7 years ago
            Remember this famous whippet? Her appearance is caused by a genetic defect.
Comment icon #19 Posted by LucidElement 7 years ago
man.... they gotta put the coolest lookin pig on the cover lol. Like that picture makes me want to go out and buy one. He even looks to have a lazy left eye lol. (His left)
Comment icon #20 Posted by Nostrodumbass 7 years ago
Mutant pigs with huge muscles? Why breed men, the world has enough of them already?
Comment icon #21 Posted by Goodf3llow 7 years ago
Not genetically modified, more like selective breeding like the Belgian Blues..
Comment icon #22 Posted by AustinHinton 7 years ago
Still, you get what I was going for.

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