Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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The FBI tested Bigfoot hair back in the 1970s

Posted on Thursday, 6 June, 2019 | Comment icon 71 comments

Even the FBI has been involved in investigating Bigfoot. Image Credit: Roger Patterson / Bob Gimlin
Declassified documents have revealed that the FBI once tested hair and tissue samples of an alleged Bigfoot.
93-year-old Peter Byrne, who has spent decades hoping to prove the existence of the creature, repeatedly wrote to the FBI back in 1976 to have tests conducted on samples he'd collected.

"We do not often come across hair which we are unable to identify and the hair that we have now, about 15 hairs attached to a tiny piece of skin, is the first that we have obtained in six years which we feel may be of importance," he wrote to FBI Assistant Director Jay Cochran Jr.

Byrne also wrote to ask about tests conducted on other samples that the FBI had obtained.

"Will you kindly set the record straight, once and for all, inform us if the FBI has examined hair which might be that of a Bigfoot, when this took place, and if it did take place what the results of the analysis were," he wrote. "Please understand that our research here is serious."

The FBI replied a few weeks later to state that while the bureau normally only conducts such analyses as part of criminal investigations, "occasionally, on a case-by-case basis, in the interest of research and scientific inquiry, we make exceptions to the general policy."

"We will examine the hairs and tissue mentioned in your letter."

A follow-up letter later detailed the results which "included a study of morphological characteristics such as root structure, medullary structure and cuticle thickness in addition to scale casts."

"Also, the hairs were compared directly with hairs of known origin under a comparison microscope."

"It was concluded as a result of these examinations that the hairs are of a deer family origin."

Source: CNBC | Comments (71)

Tags: Bigfoot, FBI

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #62 Posted by Alchopwn on 16 June, 2019, 17:57
LOL, and I'd be one of them.  I saw an actual pixie-style faerie when I was a kid.  It is still a little embarrassing.  I mean, back then I thought ghosts and aliens are more plausible, so why couldn't I get to see a ghost or an alien?  Instead I got to see a pixie right up close.  Was I hallucinating?  Perhaps.  On the other hand I was 9 years old and hadn't taken anything hallucinogenic, and I sure wasn't asleep, as the pixie only flew away when adults approached, and I was chasing it and calling out for them to come and see.
Comment icon #63 Posted by the13bats on 16 June, 2019, 23:55
a lot of people claim to see things that doesnt mean they exist in the world outside their minds, and i know thats a hard thing for some to accept,  between 9 and now your memory of it has changed been embelished, that too can be hard to accept, do i think you imagined it? not necessarily, but i also do not believe you saw a fairy so perhaps you saw a humming bird or insect, we will never know. heres a story, it was going on dusk and i was next door many years ago in orlando, a large insect was buzzing around the ladies flowers she started in that it was a humming bird, i said no, i believe th... [More]
Comment icon #64 Posted by Alchopwn on 17 June, 2019, 8:47
That is perfectly fine.  I don't expect you to believe me, as my claim is outrageous and I can present no tangible evidence for it, other than my personal experience, which I, myself, have difficulty reconciling.  TBH I saw something that SHOULDN'T exist, but all the same I know I saw it, as I studied it from different angles, right up close.  It may have been a visual hallucination as it was very quiet and barely made a noise.  As to the notion that it was an insect, it started as a butterfly, but it had outrageously pink wings, and being a young boy I was prone to a trained revulsion for tha... [More]
Comment icon #65 Posted by Alchopwn on 18 June, 2019, 10:52
I forgot to ask...  What did you mean by this?  I am seriously interested in your opinion on the matter 13bats.  I have read a bit about skinwalkers, but I have never heard anyone ever say they were anything other than paranormal/ supernatural.  That makes your take on the matter a bit unusual and I want to understand your position .
Comment icon #66 Posted by the13bats on 18 June, 2019, 11:03
sure, skinwalkers to me are real, in a way part of rich indian folklore the bad witch who can become or appear as some animal i believe some shamen who have lost track might dress in skins of animals and try to pose as them, to add a bit of ooga booga to their craft not so far removed from shapeshifters also real but they dont really change outwardly, for lack of better terms its all about showmanship. i believe piney can word it better than me, he is to me a rare example as he doesnt use the hocus pocus bogus focus bs to help people.....  
Comment icon #67 Posted by Alchopwn on 18 June, 2019, 11:08
Hey, thanks for that.  I am a little surprised that anyone would fall for that, but it is plausible.  I suppose every threat seems bigger than life on a back road in the dark, so it makes sense.  I am also gonna get Piney's take on Bigfoot and Skinwalkers on your suggestion.
Comment icon #68 Posted by the13bats on 18 June, 2019, 11:49
sure, its not so much "falling for it" as a deep belief, sometimes too we are dealing with people who do not have such a defined line between real and imaginary, or mystical if you will. without spoiling the ending piney is one of the few here who has put time in hunting bf and based his opinions on that, so its pretty cool.    
Comment icon #69 Posted by Piney on 18 June, 2019, 12:45
There's a few other's who were here. They either moved on or died. 
Comment icon #70 Posted by Piney on 18 June, 2019, 12:54
It's all in the technique of using shadows and being a good mimic but being born with pointed ears, fangs and eyes that turn yellow helps a lot.  The power of suggestion is a great tool too. False memories are fun. Reputation creates it's own ideas and memory of events.   
Comment icon #71 Posted by UIOAE432 on 22 June, 2019, 14:45
How much This bloke who taped it walks exactly the same as this footage even they way he turned its him in a suit..Straight out,,LOAD OF CRAP PARANORMAL..They are telepathic ya wont see them theyhave seven sense ,This bloke was in the suit the 1 that filmed it .CANT STAND PEEPS WHO MAKE CRAP UP..WATCH HIM YOU WILL SEE,WATCH FROM THE START YOU WILL SEE TRUTH  

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