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The UFO Phenomenon

UK's first UFO tour set to focus on site of 'Britain's Roswell'

4-19-2023 | 12

UFO hunter Gary Heseltine will be hosting tours of Rendlesham Forest - the site of the UK's most famous UFO incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Another Rendlesham UFO photo has emerged

4-27-2021 | 70

A retired police officer has come forward to reveal his close encounter near Woodbridge in December 1980.

The UFO Phenomenon

Could this be the Rendlesham Forest UFO ?

4-19-2021 | 18

A UFO photograph has emerged that was taken near RAF Woodbridge on the night of December 24th, 1980.

The UFO Phenomenon

Rendlesham UFO mystery endures 40 years on

 VIDEO  12-26-2020 | 53

It has been exactly four decades since a mysterious object was encountered in Rendlesham Forest, England.

The UFO Phenomenon

The Rendlesham UFO - a nuclear connection ?

11-11-2020 | 10

Could the objects witnessed by military personnel at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 have been there for the nukes ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Documentary to explore Rendlesham incident

3-8-2020 | 3

'Codename Rendlesham' will assert that the famous UFO incident has become something of a legend.

The UFO Phenomenon

US serviceman opens up about Rendlesham

7-29-2019 | 214

A US veteran who was stationed at RAF Bentwaters has spoken out about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the Rendlesham UFO incident a prank ?

1-1-2019 | 252

A new theory has suggested that the incident was in fact a revenge plot orchestrated by British special forces.

The UFO Phenomenon

TV show to cover Rendlesham UFO mystery

11-9-2018 | 84

The eight-part series, which will star Laurence Fishburne, will re-enact the events of the famous UFO incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

New Rendlesham UFO witness comes forward

12-9-2016 | 26

A former security police officer has described the object he witnessed that night as 'not of this world'.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO landing site blamed for making dogs sick

10-24-2015 | 26

Some dogs being walked through Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England have allegedly become unwell.

The UFO Phenomenon

New Rendlesham Forest UFO evidence found

7-13-2015 | 94

Col Charles Halt has revealed that radar operators had tracked a bogie at the time of the incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airman wins payout over Rendlesham UFO

3-4-2015 | 106

An American airman has received compensation after suffering radiation poisoning during the encounter.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sculpture set up in Rendlesham Forest

9-24-2014 | 37

A commemorative metal UFO has been placed at the location of the famous 1980 encounter.

The UFO Phenomenon

Rendlesham Commander speaks out

8-7-2011 | 831

The US Commander in charge at the time of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident has spoken out.

The UFO Phenomenon

Rendlesham - was it an Air Force blunder ?

12-21-2010 | 16

Was the Rendleshem UFO actually an Apollo capsule dropped from a helicopter by accident ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Rendlesham UFO still a mystery

12-19-2010 | 327

30 years on from the famous UFO incident at Rendlesham Forest the event still remains a mystery.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was Rendlesham UFO a fertiliser truck ?

9-5-2009 | 10

A lorry driver has come forward to state that he was responsible for the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, claiming...


Halt claims "alien craft" was at Rendlesham

7-13-2009 | 7

Colonel Charles Halt, the man who led a group of airmen to investigate a strange craft in Rendleshem Forest over 20 year...

World of the Bizarre

Rendlesham bear turns out to be hoax

4-2-2009 | 3

A mysterious bear that was spotted roaming around Rendlesham forest sparking fears among local authorities that it had e...

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