Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Police raid ET contactee group in Thailand

Posted on Sunday, 25 August, 2019 | Comment icon 14 comments

Group members believe that they are in contact with ET. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Adityamadhav83
The Khao Kala Meditation Center, which is run by a UFO group, has been raided by authorities twice in one week.
Founded in 1998 after nurse Somjit Reapeth claimed to have seen aliens at Thailand's Nakhon Sawan mountain, the group operates on the premise that it is possible to communicate with intelligent extraterrestrials through the practice of meditation.

Many of the group's members claim to be in communication with aliens from Pluto and believe that such exchanges help to enhance their Buddhist practices as well as to predict future disasters.

Authorities in Thailand had been drawn to the area after the group organized a UFO-watching event to coincide with Somjit's birthday on Saturday.
The raids, which aimed to determine if the group had been encroaching on protected forests, took place on Thursday and Friday. A summons has also been issued for the center's landowners.

"If we find anyone guilty of wrongdoing, we will file a criminal case against them," said Maj. Gen. Damrong Petpong. "If a UFO descends and parks here, that's even better. We'll capture them all."

According to Pinit Laoyuu from the local Forestry Department, anywhere up to 0.8 hectares of the meditation center could be encroaching on the forest.

"For the time being, we will not allow people to pitch tents or hold activities here since a case is ongoing," he said.

Source: Khoasod | Comments (14)

Tags: Khao Kala, UFO, Thailand

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by pixiii on 26 August, 2019, 6:51
YES.  And I really can't see how they're hurting anyone either.   Is it because people went there for a UFO watching event instead of celebrating the birthday of Somjit..... yeeeeea, I'm thinking Major General Damrong Petpong needs to chill out a bit.   I think he's Damrong tbh.   edit: sorry, couldn't help myself.  
Comment icon #6 Posted by pixiii on 26 August, 2019, 6:57
Do you mean as in "everyone kills themselves" kind of cult type behaviour - is that common amongst Buddhists though? 
Comment icon #7 Posted by highdesert50 on 26 August, 2019, 12:56
Perhaps not common, Buddhist monks have, however, protested through self-sacrifice for centuries. Of more recent history, the self-immolation of Thich Quang Dirc stunned the world, because of the media coverage, while demonstrating the persecution of Buddhists.
Comment icon #8 Posted by MissJatti on 26 August, 2019, 13:24
Let them be, and maybe finally we get to know if we are alone in the universe.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Piney on 26 August, 2019, 15:10
No, just predicting doom is harmful. It's why I get sooo p***ed at the doomsayers here.  No, suicide is honorable but don't take anyone else with you.
Comment icon #10 Posted by third_eye on 26 August, 2019, 15:55
In other words, God ain't there and there ain't no God to clean up anybody's mess...  That's the whole idea of God, not what's between the cover of which book or something spilled out of which theory that makes some obscure hypothesis more believable than the other widely held beliefs...  ~
Comment icon #11 Posted by Scholar4Truth on 26 August, 2019, 20:44
For some reason this gives me the feeling of Heaven's Gate. 
Comment icon #12 Posted by pixiii on 26 August, 2019, 23:17
Oh gosh that's awful - I've always thought of Buddhist's as people with the happiest religion in the world.  A Doctor of mine here in Melbourne is a Buddhist (he's from Sri Lanka though - perhaps different style of Buddhism?)  but he's extremely chill and extremely relaxed so I just imagined all Buddhists are like that.  
Comment icon #13 Posted by pixiii on 26 August, 2019, 23:23
Oooh gotcha, ok yeah I see now.  And also @Scholar4Truth mentioned Heaven's Gate which gave me a creepy feeling too as I didn't think of going down that track at all with this.  But yes, I didn't realise that and can see now what you guys are meaning.  Whilst it may seem innocent to begin with, it could be harmful further down the line.    
Comment icon #14 Posted by Piney on 26 August, 2019, 23:31
Teaching children that doom is coming is child abuse and taking them with you if you decide to "catch a comet" is a horror beyond measure.

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