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Thieves steal solid gold toilet from palace

September 14, 2019 | Comment icon 21 comments

Gold is perhaps not the most appropriate material for a toilet. Image Credit: PD - Swiss Banker
The 18-carat gold lavatory was swiped during an overnight break-in at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.
The ridiculously extravagant (and fully functional) toilet, which is worth over $1.2 million, was created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Incredibly the solid gold throne, which was installed opposite the room in which British prime minister Winston Churchill was born, had been available for visitors to use as an actual working toilet.

"The piece of art that has been stolen is a high-value toilet made out of gold that was on display at the palace," said Detective Inspector Jess Milne of Thames Valley Police.
"Due to the toilet being plumbed in to the building, this has caused significant damage and flooding. We believe a group of offenders used at least two vehicles during the offence."

"The artwork has not been recovered at this time but we are conducting a thorough investigation to find it and bring those responsible to justice."

Ironically, Blenheim Art Foundation founder Edward Spencer-Churchill had previously joked that the gold toilet wouldn't be the "easiest thing to nick."

"Firstly, it's plumbed in and secondly, a potential thief will have no idea who last used the toilet or what they ate," he said. "So no, I don't plan to be guarding it."

Source: Evening Standard | Comments (21)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by psyche101 3 years ago
A 66 year old man has been detained for the crime† But he is not giving up where the toilet is.† †
Comment icon #13 Posted by RoofGardener 3 years ago
Apparently the police are seeking a second man. A No. 2, so to speak ?†
Comment icon #14 Posted by psyche101 3 years ago
Maybe even a turd. Two vans possibly 3 people.†
Comment icon #15 Posted by Stiff 3 years ago
He's going to sit on that for a while.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado 3 years ago
Police arrest the number two... "A second man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing an 18-carat solid gold toilet from Blenheim Palace valued at around £4.8 million. " † Related? news.... Sudeley Castle raid: Sledgehammer-wielding burglars steal jewellery King Edward VII gave his tart in raid on stately home.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Impedancer 3 years ago
I can benchpress 100 kg 3x and then i need to change my boxers.
Comment icon #18 Posted by tmcom 3 years ago
I am sure that the thieves will be S*** Bricks when caught, well Gold Bricks,....never mind.
Comment icon #19 Posted by aztek 3 years ago
easy, you do it at night, you either dress like a cleaner crew, or you are cleaner crew, come in with a bin as if you are collecting garbage, put it in a bin and roll it out,† that is how night cleaner crew stole laptops , monitors, from one of our tenant many years ago,† i'm sure bathroom had no cameras, but to†outside† of the bathroom† cameras it looked nothing out of the ordinary, just a cleaning crew doing their job.
Comment icon #20 Posted by qxcontinuum 3 years ago
I am surprised to see that visitors haven't taken chunks or bits from it. † †
Comment icon #21 Posted by Scholar4Truth 3 years ago
So he is literally Sh&I@ gold!

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