Monday, August 15, 2022
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Woman gets stuck after falling head first down a toilet

4-24-2022 | 3

The unfortunate woman ended up needing to be rescued after reaching into the toilet to grab her dropped phone.


Snake emerges from toilet, bites man on behind

4-3-2021 | 11

An unfortunate man in Malaysia got a rather rude awakening when he got up to use the bathroom recently.

Space & Astronomy

Futuristic space toilet to be installed on ISS

 VIDEO  6-15-2020 | 9

Scientists and engineers have been busy developing a next-generation space toilet fit for the final frontier.


Thieves steal solid gold toilet from palace

 VIDEO  9-14-2019 | 21

The 18-carat gold lavatory was swiped during an overnight break-in at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.


Lightning causes toilet to explode in Florida

 VIDEO  8-8-2019 | 6

Marylou Ward and her husband got the fright of their lives when their toilet exploded in to pieces on Sunday.


Man spends five days sitting on a toilet

 VIDEO  7-16-2019 | 12

Eager to earn his place in the Guinness Book of Records, one Belgian man sat on a toilet for 116 hours.


Woman bitten by snake hiding in her toilet

1-25-2019 | 8

59-year-old Helen Richards got the surprise of her life when the reptile sank its fangs in to her posterior.


Gust of wind sends portable toilets flying

 VIDEO  6-16-2018 | 13

Bystanders ran for cover as a freak gust sent two toilets flying through the air at a park in Colorado this week.

Modern Mysteries

Dead man found wedged inside a toilet wall

5-2-2018 | 16

Authorities in Calgary have been investigating the mysterious death of a man found in a public lavatory.


Suspect goes on toilet strike for 37 days

2-24-2018 | 22

A man who was arrested after swallowing drugs has been refusing to go to the bathroom for over a month.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds flushed money in Geneva

9-19-2017 | 5

An unknown individual has been flushing thousands of euros down the toilet and nobody knows why.


Toilets chase pedestrians through Moscow

7-2-2017 | 9

A recent bout of stormy weather in Russia caused portable toilets to start careening down the street.


Woman gets her hand stuck inside a toilet

 VIDEO  4-20-2017 | 21

Firefighters ended up having to take the toilet outside after the hapless woman became totally stuck.


Cobra takes up residence in apartment toilet

 VIDEO  12-1-2016 | 5

An enormous venomous snake has been managing to evade capture in an apartment complex in South Africa.

Space & Astronomy

Astronaut tasked with repairing ISS toilets

11-28-2016 | 2

One of Thomas Pesquet's first tasks aboard the space station wasn't quite what he was hoping for.


Museum invites visitors to use gold toilet

9-16-2016 | 17

A particularly bizarre and valuable museum exhibit has been made available to members of the public.


Man climbs in to toilet, has to be rescued

8-26-2016 | 12

A man in Norway ended up stuck after climbing in to a lavatory to retrieve his friend's mobile phone.


Man discovers a 6ft snake inside the toilet

4-23-2016 | 13

Blue Cross volunteer Peter Edge was shocked to discover the enormous serpent in a shop bathroom.


Rat comes out of toilet, bites man on behind

4-21-2016 | 22

An elderly gentleman using the facilities at his home in Ireland suffered a rather unfortunate injury.

Ghosts & Hauntings

School closes over 'toilet ghost' in Pabna

5-17-2015 | 27

Several pupils have fallen ill after entering a bathroom attributed with the death of a schoolgirl.

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