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Are alien probes hidden on nearby asteroids ?

September 23, 2019 | Comment icon 22 comments

Are we being watched ? Image Credit: NASA Goddard Conceptual Image Lab
A new paper has put forward the idea that an alien civilization may have been watching us for millennia.
Writing in his recently published paper entitled 'Looking for Lurkers: Co-Orbiters as SETI Observables', Dr. James Benford at Microwave Sciences in Lafayette, California has suggested that if a sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilization wanted to observe us, the most obvious place to observe from would be a co-orbital or 'companion' asteroid which follows a similar orbital path to the Earth.

From such a vantage point, he argues, a robotic space probe could watch our planet for thousands of years without us ever being aware of its presence.

Powered by solar energy from the sun, these 'lurker' probes could stream vast quantities of data about our technology and culture back to their creators on some distant alien world.
"Perhaps probes are waiting on these objects, listening to us and waiting for us to find them," wrote Dr. Benford. "They may remain silent and simply report back to wherever they communicate to."

On the flip side however, he argues, if we fail to find such a probe it may mean nobody is out there.

"If we find nothing there, this gives us a profound result: no one has come to look at the life of the Earth, which has been evident in our atmosphere in spectral lines over interstellar distances for over a billion years," he wrote.

Source: Forbes | Comments (22)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by freetoroam 3 years ago
They are probably getting a better signal too seeing as the satelites are out there.   
Comment icon #14 Posted by Golden Duck 3 years ago
The trains on Sodor say the same things in their debates on whether, or not, train spotters really exist.
Comment icon #15 Posted by highdesert50 3 years ago
So, if we somehow don't squander our planet, survive as a species, and eventually discover this probe, what are the consequences of this discovery? A geocached message that congratulates us on our transition to a mature species, or perhaps a message that says we are now too dangerous.
Comment icon #16 Posted by toast 3 years ago
Monty Python, Top Gear, Debbie Harry, Ducati, Porsche, Haribo, Wurst etc.
Comment icon #17 Posted by freetoroam 3 years ago
Debbie Harry, lol. Are you talking about her hits or her,  er,  looks?   
Comment icon #18 Posted by toast 3 years ago
Mostly the early ones/one.
Comment icon #19 Posted by macrev 3 years ago
I thought we already knew where aliens put their probes.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Golden Duck 3 years ago
It's the cause of "roid rage"
Comment icon #21 Posted by stereologist 3 years ago
I suppose this article is based on the prime directive. It makes sense in a way. Think about the Drake equation. Maybe aliens want to know what the values are for the Drake equation. The only way to do that is to observe and collect data.  
Comment icon #22 Posted by Jon the frog 3 years ago
Why would their care about our technology if they are so advance and are able to space travel to our solar system...

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