Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Creepy 'haunted' doll filmed moving on its own

Posted on Saturday, 19 October, 2019 | Comment icon 88 comments

This is one creepy doll. Image Credit: YouTube / SWNS TV / Michael Diamond
A World War 2-era ventriloquist doll has been filmed moving its eyes and mouth in the middle of the night.
Known as 'Mr Fritz', the creepy doll was recently acquired by 48-year-old collector Michael Diamond from Liverpool who received it as a gift from a local militaria collector back in July.

Little is know about its history other than that it was made by a US prisoner of war in the 1940s.

In the footage, which was filmed in the early hours of the morning, the doll's cabinet creeks open on its own and its eyes and mouth can be seen slowly opening and closing without intervention.

Diamond maintains that the video has not been faked and says he has "no explanation."
"When I first watched the video back I had a weird feeling in my stomach," he said.

"At least once or twice a week I noticed the door kept coming off its latch. I decided to set up the camera for fun just to see if anything would happen."

"When something actually did I got a weird feeling in my gut, it's hard to describe."

He now keeps the doll hidden away under lock and key with a blanket over the top of it.

"I wouldn't say I'm scared of Mr Fritz but I am wary of it," he said.

Source: AOL News | Comments (88)

Tags: Haunted, Doll

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #79 Posted by papageorge1 on 21 October, 2019, 18:23
Maybe if you listen to bats’ and perhaps your false narrative of what actually happened. Maria to this day is a mystery.
Comment icon #80 Posted by the13bats on 22 October, 2019, 7:53
Don't insult people, No "listening to bats" of false narratives needed, people go read the alien mummy thread for themselves, they see the charlatans involved and being investigated for desecration of human remains and sacred burial grounds, They read the unbiased accredited reports from real scientists, They see your replies and who you support, The readers comes to their own conclusions.
Comment icon #81 Posted by papageorge1 on 22 October, 2019, 15:52
Bats, you created a false narrative of my position so I have a right to contest that. Why don't you go back to that old thread and prove your point there if you are still so concerned about it instead of accusing with no evidence here in another thread.
Comment icon #82 Posted by the13bats on 22 October, 2019, 19:22
Again you are making up stuff, I did no such a thing , I'm not concerned nor do i need to prove anything, As I keep saying peoole go to that thread and read your posts and think for themselves,    
Comment icon #83 Posted by kel_kel on 24 October, 2019, 19:13
Michael Diamond, the man who owns this doll is an illusionist and I'm sure this video gave him a good laugh. There are so many ways this could have been faked. He will probably try and sell this doll for a lot of money someday once it gets a scary enough reputation.It's interesting how the glass door opens slowly then stops around one metal screw underneath it then kind of wobbles but stays right there, almost like there's a magnet under the edge of the door and it's attracted to that one screw or something.
Comment icon #84 Posted by kapow53 on 24 October, 2019, 22:32
It's  gonna get you.
Comment icon #85 Posted by the13bats on 25 October, 2019, 5:43
You didn't read all the replies in this thread or visit the magic forum where the owner builder takes credit for this prop....did you? Check my post suggesting how to do this with as you guessed it magnets, electro controlled, it's a populat magic gimmick.
Comment icon #86 Posted by kel_kel on 25 October, 2019, 6:18
No I guess I didn't, it's funny though I just knew he used magnets. I'll have to check out the magic forum. 
Comment icon #87 Posted by the13bats on 25 October, 2019, 7:48
Well, it's not "that" simple, not a fridge magnet but yeah, the very small very strong rare earth as they call them and a small electric coil, you can then push pull, check out you tube "spirit bell " another version uses the little motor that makes phones vibrate, you can soin things with it an other version of spirit bell, I knew a girl who came to my club night who had a small magnet inbedded in her finger tip,  I have a ring i conceal one in, For me when these type videos pop up my first thought is if ghosts existed ( i do not believe they do ) in an autonomous way to in this case move a d... [More]
Comment icon #88 Posted by Horta on 25 October, 2019, 10:08

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