Friday, December 6, 2019
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Mystery lights filmed hovering over Las Vegas

Posted on Friday, 25 October, 2019 | Comment icon 13 comments

What could these lights be ? Image Credit: YouTube / Dean Siblang vlogs
A young YouTuber recently captured footage of a row of anomalous lights hovering over Nevada's largest city.
Uploaded on October 22nd by 'Dean Siblang vlogs', the video was reportedly filmed from the 22nd floor of The Signature hotel at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The footage shows a row of bright white lights - four initially with others appearing sporadically throughout - spaced a fair distance apart and hovering silently over the city.

The light furthest to the right appears to begin moving away towards the end of the video.

The phenomenon has drawn comparisons to the Phoenix Lights - a famous spate of UFO sightings that occurred in the skies over Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico back in 1997.
Siblang has even used 'Pheonix Lights' in the video's title, despite it being filmed in Las Vegas.

One of the original sightings was later determined to be a series of flares dropped during military training exercises, however it is unclear whether or not this could be the case here.

Some have also speculated that the lights could be helicopters or drones.

Have a look and see what you think - the video can be viewed below.

Source: YouTube | Comments (13)

Tags: UFO, Las Vegas

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Chewie1990 on 25 October, 2019, 14:00
Footage is facing east as we are overlooking the Wyndham Grand Desert hotel. I have tried looking at videos guests have uploaded of the view from the balcony at The Signature but would you believe it the vast majority are filmed from the more interesting west side.. I did see a couple of night time videos that showed similar lights in the sky (three in one, two in another) and the person filming didn't seem the remotest bit excited, but make of that what you will.. Military activity could be a good shout with Nellis close by (although the AFB is to the north of the hotel, so not in the immedia... [More]
Comment icon #5 Posted by L.A.T.1961 on 25 October, 2019, 15:03
Yes the view is east, looking in the direction of the Hoover Dam. It looks as though the video could have been shot from the east corner of the roof of the MGM grand tower B, the video shows flag polls with safety netting which encircle the golfing range opposite.  All four lights move north to south during the video but the one on the right moves about twice as much. This could support the idea that they are aircraft on approach for McCarran? The movement can be seen by comparing the two images bellow.    
Comment icon #6 Posted by Robotic Jew on 25 October, 2019, 15:23
Everyone know that's where the aliens prefer to land when heading to Vegas for a bachelor party.
Comment icon #7 Posted by the13bats on 25 October, 2019, 17:55
What ET probes in Vegas stays in vegas....
Comment icon #8 Posted by highdesert50 on 26 October, 2019, 13:05
There is the phenomenon of the approaching aircraft that appears to hover or make unexpected movements simply because the landing lights of an approaching aircraft are visible for about 60 NM. Then again, ET may be researching a distinctly human failing but highly profitable concept of the gambler's fallacy.
Comment icon #9 Posted by preacherman76 on 28 October, 2019, 11:38
So what? You mean a UFO channel wants to show a UFO video? Yeah big problem lol.
Comment icon #10 Posted by stereologist on 28 October, 2019, 17:06
Are there any videos shown by secureteam10 that are not obvious blatant hoaxes?
Comment icon #11 Posted by 'Walt' E. Kurtz on 28 October, 2019, 17:14
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :-D
Comment icon #12 Posted by Scholar4Truth on 28 October, 2019, 17:56
Sounds like jets, it has an airplane sound. 
Comment icon #13 Posted by tortugabob on 31 October, 2019, 15:29
Just Chinese lanterns or police drones. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

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