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Flat Earth conspiracy is continuing to spread

By T.K. Randall
November 20, 2019 · Comment icon 71 comments

No, the Earth is not flat... seriously.... it really isn't. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 NikoLang
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, more and more people now believe that the Earth is flat.
What was once little more than a tongue-in-cheek thought exercise has now become something of a movement unto its own - a belief that is gaining in popularity despite flying in the face of centuries of established science, indisputable physical evidence and more than an iota of common sense.

The third annual Flat Earth International Conference, which was recently held in Dallas, Texas, was attended by more than 600 people whose unshakable belief that science is wrong, spaceflight is fake and that the Earth is a flat disc has brought them together from all over the world.

"We've all been communicating online (but) this brings us together so we can shake hands and give each other hugs," said attendee David Weiss. "We can collaborate, we can make new friends. Because guess what, our old friends... we lost a lot of friends."

The fact that the Earth is round (an oblate spheroid) is as indisputable as the nose on your face - so why do so many people believe otherwise ?
"People, in essence, are just trying to understand the world," said conspiracy theory psychologist Daniel Jolley. "They may have distrust towards powerful people or groups, which could be the government or NASA, and when they look towards evidence that makes sense to them."

"This world view (is) endorsed. It's difficult to break out of that mindset."

Perhaps at the end of the day, the Flat Earth movement is as much about people finding a connection with other like-minded individuals than it is about actually proving that the Earth is flat.

As things stand, it seems unlikely that such beliefs are going to die out anytime soon.

Source: Medical Daily | Comments (71)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #62 Posted by Calibeliever 4 years ago
Back in '84 I read a book called The Third Wave by Toffler on a train from Colorado to LA. He predicted nearly everything that's happening culturally now in our information age. I remember not being able to get my head around it back then since computers were still something that either took up an entire room or were built in someone's garage. The idea of everyone having personal computing power connected to each other 7/24 was too far out there for my young mind to grasp. 35 years later it's astonishing how spot on he was when it comes to our art and culture. He predicted that instead of inc... [More]
Comment icon #63 Posted by Robotic Jew 4 years ago
Heading to Amazon to make a purchase now. Thanks for the book suggestion!
Comment icon #64 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy 4 years ago
That is certainly true. Back in the day you had to actively seek out information about things like flat Earth, now you just Google it.  People have to (re)learn how to verify information themselves. Google gives us a lot of information, but it does not tell us if its true.
Comment icon #65 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
Interesting.  I read his gook Future Shock in the 70's and from what I remember of that one he missed the mark by miles, but he was focused then on disposable clothing.  That's what I remember and I am sure now if I read it again I would see that he was not just talking about clothes but everything, a disposable society, which is what we have.
Comment icon #66 Posted by Essan 4 years ago
This is one of the problems I have with the likes of Alexa. We ask a question, we get an answer. But how do we know the answer is correct .... ?  
Comment icon #67 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
Maybe if it would help if you remember that Alexa is an internet search engine, not an AI and if the information is questionable or incomplete you can re-word your request and see if something different pops up, but it is no different than searching with google or mozilla.  You still have to wade through the information you get.
Comment icon #68 Posted by Calibeliever 4 years ago
It's an age old dilemma. Even when our source was the library, you had to be aware that bias influenced the information you were reading. Of course a printed (reference) book had to go through editing and some sort of peer review whereas a lot of sources on the internet of course don't, but It isn't a new problem. I heard a professor give a 15 minute spiel on this many years ago. "You gotta check the check", was a favorite saying of his. 
Comment icon #69 Posted by RabidMongoose 4 years ago
All from taking the most literal meaning in the Bible of four corners of the word instead of reading it figuratively.
Comment icon #70 Posted by Manwon Lender 4 years ago
How can a flat earth theory spread AROUND the World? peace
Comment icon #71 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
You make a very good point.  Research multiple documents from multiple sources and determine what the bias is on each source. This reminds me of my second grade when the teacher gave us the history books and told us we would be reading chapters one through three and we were not to look at four.  Of course I looked to see what four was and it was a chapter about the "hero" Custer, who was not a hero but a disobedient crazy man who got 200 men killed.   Even when text books are edited there is a bias, what ever bias the authorities that choose the text books for the class rooms have is in th... [More]

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