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Metaphysics & Psychology

Baba Vanga's predictions for 2020 revealed

December 10, 2019 | Comment icon 80 comments

Could Baba Vanga really predict the future ? Image Credit: sxc.hu
Before she passed away, the blind seer made numerous predictions about what would happen in the future.
Vanga, who was born in Bulgaria in 1911 and died in 1996 aged 85, spent most of her life in the Kozhuh mountains and was renowned the world over for her prophetic predictions about the future.

While a great deal of skepticism has always surrounded the accuracy of these predictions, many people remain adamant that she had successfully foretold a wide range of major global events.

So what did she predict for 2020 ?

For the remainder of this year and beyond, Vanga hinted at the possibility of a devastating tsunami that she claimed would hit parts of China, Japan and Pakistan.
She also predicted that someone would attempt to assassinate Russian president Vladimir Putin, most likely a member of his own personal security team.

In addition, President of the United States Donald Trump will allegedly suffer from some sort of health issue that will leave him with tinnitus and hearing loss (some have drawn comparisons between this and the mysterious symptoms recently suffered by US diplomats in Cuba.)

There are also references to economic collapse in Europe and a meteorite strike in Russia.

Whether any of these things will actually come to pass however remains to be seen.

Source: Gentside.co.uk | Comments (80)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #71 Posted by Helen of Annoy 2 years ago
I don't remember the Nobel aspirant.   But I do remember Lepa Brena and her experience with Vanga. I hope she's doing well today too. (I wouldn't listen to her type of music at gunpoint, but she always seemed like a good person.) Whole ex-Yu knew about that "man in white" who turned out to be a tennis player instead of a doctor  Vanga also predicted that Brena will become popular singer, which Brena thought is silly back then, when she was just a young amateur entertainer. So Brena never questioned the reality of Vanga's gift. She claims that every detail predicted by Vanga came true in her li... [More]
Comment icon #72 Posted by TrumanB 2 years ago
I enjoy reading your posts. Wasn't Silvana a singer?     Regarding Tarabi?'s, they weren't even brothers ( uncle and nephew ). IMO, the whole story about them is fabricated by one priest who had his own motives. I don't see evidence that they were connected to the Field. Baba Vanga may be a different story. Maybe there is something about here...   Yes, I also have precognitive dreams since  I was a teenager and no sceptic can convince me that I'm dellusional. It's one of those things that when you experience them the world looks different. I hope that these sceptics will have one of those drea... [More]
Comment icon #73 Posted by Helen of Annoy 2 years ago
Regarding enjoying my posts, you must be insane. Kidding. Thank you. I've noticed you too and I like your vibe.    She was a singer too. Ironically, everyone predicted her a long and successful career, but Baba Vanga's feeling turned out to be more accurate.    It's possible. But I love the consistency, the whole book really does seem like it was written by single author, quoting the identical style of the seer. I like to think Miloš really was gifted and built his local reputation on actual precognitive episodes. Then the prota added a little something by his political opinion, some creative ... [More]
Comment icon #74 Posted by TrumanB 2 years ago
The same with me. If don't know when something will happen we can't alter it.
Comment icon #75 Posted by Orphalesion 2 years ago
But isn't that the thing when predicting the success of a young, aspiring artist? You tell them you see them being famous in the future and if they really become famous it's suddenly a prediction... Same with tragic deaths. And of course a supposed psychic telling you that they foresaw your success can give your confidence the edge to muddle through, try harder and succeed. And many men wear white. Though I will admit it's a fun story/ coincidence. For what it's worth I do believe in intuition, but only towards general, immediate situations (feeling an earthquake that's about to hit, for examp... [More]
Comment icon #76 Posted by Helen of Annoy 2 years ago
In my experience, sometimes, some people do foresee certain events. Which is why I believe there's not just intuition but outright precognition too. But - again, according to my direct experience - it's not something anyone can have on demand. It happens when it has to happen. Who knows how it works. And it's most often very hard to say to what extent you logically connected facts and made right guess and was there any precognition at all. Which is why I think majority of "psychics" are pure frauds and the rare truly gifted ones are not nearly as efficient as it is advertised.   But that's my ... [More]
Comment icon #77 Posted by TrumanB 2 years ago
Check the new Baba Vanga: https://www.kurir.rs/vesti/srbija/3521481/opsedaju-kucu-srpske-baba-vange-hiljade-ljudi-danima-ceka-u-kilometarskim-kolonama-da-ih-misteriozna-prorocica-primi But you need to sleep over the night in her backyard to prove that you're worth!
Comment icon #78 Posted by Helen of Annoy 2 years ago
Well, she has no price list, each visitor leaves a gift according to own assessment, that's acceptable, traditionally. Sleepover is weird but I'm under impression it's not to prove your worth, it's more to limit the number of visitors, reducing them to those who are there because they really need baba's advice.  And I like this:   Kad do?ete kod nje, kao da ste došli kod psihologa. Oslobodi vas straha, da vam neku nadu. (When you come to see her, it's like you're at the psychologist's. She releases you from your fears, gives you a certain kind of hope.)  It's what South Slavic babas traditiona... [More]
Comment icon #79 Posted by TrumanB 2 years ago
I'd like to visit this person, just out of curiosity...but unfortunately I'm short with time. I hope that she will live long enough.
Comment icon #80 Posted by Helen of Annoy 2 years ago
Absolutely obligatory do tell what it was like, if you do visit.  

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