Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Great Pyramid's hidden chamber set for re-scan

Posted on Tuesday, 14 January, 2020 | Comment icon 204 comments

Is there really a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nina Aldin Thune
Researchers from Japan will be conducting new scans in an effort to confirm the presence of a hidden chamber.
Rising 146 meters in to the sky, this last surviving wonder of the ancient world, which has stood in the Egyptian desert for 3,800 years, remains just as steeped in mystery today as when ancient travelers first gazed up at its time-worn stonework and wondered what secrets might lie inside.

In more recent years, rumors have circulated suggesting that there could be a large hidden chamber situated within the pyramid - a room that has remained unopened since ancient times.

In 2017, scans of the structure by an international team of researchers from Nagoya University and the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization seemed to confirm that this was the case, however a great deal of skepticism has always surrounded these findings.

Now in a renewed bid to determine once and for all if there really is a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid, the Egyptian government has enlisted the help of Sakuji Yoshimura - president of Higashi Nippon International University in Iwaki, Japan - to verify the previous findings.
To this end, a team of researchers will soon be heading to Egypt to conduct new scans of the structure using muon radiography - a technique that is a bit like x-ray imaging.

The team's newly developed muon detector will operate for one month inside the Queen's Chamber to build up a picture of what lies behind the pyramid's walls.

"The previously discovered cavity is way too large from an archaeological perspective," said Yoshimura. "We are very keen to verify the findings."

The project will end in the summer and the results are expected in the autumn.

Source: Asahi.com | Comments (204)

Tags: Pyramid, Egypt

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #195 Posted by Windowpane on 21 January, 2020, 9:14
Were I to comment in this vein, Scott, I would find little room for anything else ...   Anyone who takes the trouble to read what Dr. Guirguis wrote will realise how inaccurate your précis is.   I note that you put the word "custodians" in quotes.  Dr. Guirguis uses the word "custodian" (singular) five times in the paper linked to, and in each case the reference is to Father Angelios, custodian of Al-Muharraq's Manu Library.  Not once does she talk about the Copts as "the custodians of the ancient Egyptian civilisation."  So I guess that your quotes are scare quotes, and that what we read is "... [More]
Comment icon #196 Posted by Windowpane on 21 January, 2020, 9:29
  So you've not been able to consult an important paper concerning ancient Arabic legends about the pyramids - of interest to anyone concerned with this subject, and surely essential for anyone proposing to study it in more depth -  simply because you missed where it says "Read Online"?
Comment icon #197 Posted by Scott Creighton on 21 January, 2020, 10:45
So you've not been able to consult an important paper concerning ancient Arabic legends about the pyramids - of interest to anyone concerned with this subject, and surely essential for anyone proposing to study it in more depth -  simply because you missed where it says "Read Online"? That's not what I said. I said I don't have a JSTOR account. I do, however, have the paper and yes, I consulted some time ago and NO, it does not say that the Surid narrative was a purely Muslim or Christian invention. Well here's a radical thought - perhaps it was established in the time of Surid (Suphis) which,... [More]
Comment icon #198 Posted by Scott Creighton on 21 January, 2020, 10:45
Oh FFS!! THIS is the kind of petty, hair-splitting, pendantic obtuseness I have come to expect from you. She doesn’t have to write it, she can just as easily SAY it: “...the Copts as custodians of the ancient Egyptian Civilisation...” Now QUIT with the hair-splitting nonsense.   Indeed. And I fully accept THIS.    I am NOT saying there was a "...Coptic minority in ancient Egypt..." Read what I write and not what you think I write. As Dr Guirguis says herself in the video (I paraphrase) "We were all Copts." (i.e. prior to invasion). These Copts were the "Custodians of the ancient Egyptian civil... [More]
Comment icon #199 Posted by Windowpane on 21 January, 2020, 14:51
  If you have the paper, why did you not just say so?  Why the irrelevant declaration that you don't have a JSTOR account?     Calling it "The S?rid Legend" in a paper about "the Arabic Legends of the Pyramids" is an adequate indication of the status Fodor assigned to this material.   Whereas you (it would seem) believe the story about this being written on a "papyrus roll" (p. 347):     This being the preamble (in the version of al-Qu????) to the Surid story.   However, if you don't believe it, why not?
Comment icon #200 Posted by Windowpane on 21 January, 2020, 15:13
Well: the history of the library was perhaps not quite so straightforward as we sometimes think, Sir Wearer  ... One fire was started (possibly accidentally) during the time of Julius Caesar, and apparently caused some damage to a warehouse where documents were stored.  The library then recovered to some extent, but probably suffered more destruction during the time of the later Roman emperors.  The complete destruction of the Serapeum, its daughter library, apparently took place during the time of  the Coptic Pope Theophilus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_of_Alexandria)
Comment icon #201 Posted by Windowpane on 21 January, 2020, 15:42
This being your deion of getting things right, about which (so you have told us) you don't give a rat's fart. As for the video, is there something stopping you from transcribing more than one phrase?  Or showing us the context of Guirguis' remarks?  Try starting a few seconds earlier: We see that Guirguis is responding to a question (and quite a leading question) from Dr. Saad.  Unfortunately, vague talk of "the Egyptian spirit" does not translate to "The Copts have comprehensive knowledge of the civilisation of ancient Egypt, going back as far as the building of the pyramids."  Nothing in wha... [More]
Comment icon #202 Posted by Scott Creighton on 21 January, 2020, 15:52
No, Hermione. Just NO. SC
Comment icon #203 Posted by Scott Creighton on 21 January, 2020, 15:52
Because it’s not irrelevant if others who might (insanely) be following this discourse don’t have a JSTOR account. It’s not irrelevant if you continue to send me other JSTOR papers I don’t already have.  Legend? Legend you say? Well blow me down! Who knew? In case it’s escaped your attention, these Coptic oral narratives (Arab Legends) have been regarded merely as myth and legend by mainstream Egyptology for a very long time; to be dismissed without a second thought. That Fodor does likewise is, well, hardly unexpected. Because – you know -  Egyptology has all the answers with regards to whys ... [More]
Comment icon #204 Posted by Hanslune on 21 January, 2020, 18:20
Yes we shall wait for the work to be done and as I predicted you'll accuse the Egyptologist of 'hiding' the real information when they don't find what you predict. However I was glad to see you deny that you will do that. Bookmarked We shall see whatever IS found will be interest if nothing more than sand, limestone, mortar and the odd work gang sign in ocher. Additionally Do some comprehensive research on the subjects you bring here instead of shallow demonstrations of cherry picking. Why did I say that? You ran from my question to simply provide other Coptic legends from the OK. Why produce ... [More]

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