Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Museum's 'Dead Sea Scrolls' are all forgeries

Posted on Saturday, 14 March, 2020 | Comment icon 37 comments

A genuine Dead Sea Scroll. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP (Glasg)
16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments on display at the Museum of the Bible in Washington have been exposed as fakes.
Considered to be some of the most significant ancient texts ever discovered, the Dead Sea Scrolls are comprised of several hundred documents dating back more than 2,000 years. They were found inside eleven caves in the eastern Judaean Desert between 1946 and 1956.

While fragments of the scrolls have been on display in museums around the world for years, this week it was revealed that 16 fragments on display at the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. are actually little more than forgeries.

They had been purchased back in 2002 at a time when a number of counterfeit scrolls had appeared on the market however it wasn't until 2016 that experts had started to question their authenticity.
After Art Fraud Insights determined that five of them were forgeries, the museum conducted a detailed investigation into the remaining 11 using comprehensive imaging and analysis techniques.

"After an exhaustive review of all the imaging and scientific analysis results, it is evident that none of the textual fragments in Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scroll collection are authentic," Art Fraud Insights director and founder Colette Loll said in a statement.

"Moreover, each exhibits characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries created in the twentieth century with the intent to mimic authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments."

Plans to remove the counterfeit fragments from display are now underway.

Source: USA Today | Comments (37)

Tags: Dead Sea Scrolls

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #28 Posted by DieChecker on 15 March, 2020, 3:41
I'll check it out. I had read there was this "other" Jesus. Many scholars say it wouldn't have been an unusual nam DC for the time. I'm not sure that the one you describe is the same as the Biblical Jesus, but there are parallels. 
Comment icon #29 Posted by Piney on 15 March, 2020, 4:02
That stuff came much later. A word salad of mind muck if you ask me, like telling a engineer to create a religion and making him drop acid first. 
Comment icon #30 Posted by qxcontinuum on 15 March, 2020, 5:20
I see some of you jumping to the conclusion that the death sea scrolls are fake. This is not what the article is saying. They are just fakes made to mimic the real scrolls. "Moreover, each exhibits characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries created in the twentieth century with the intent to mimic authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments."
Comment icon #31 Posted by DieChecker on 15 March, 2020, 7:23
I was reading up on this, and apparently the people running this Museum arent the villains, but more like dupes. They simply accepted the donated fragments, and began checking their authenticity. The Museum appears to have only been open a couple years. In 2017 it was not open yet. Dead Sea Scrolls scam: Dozens of recently sold fragments are fakes, experts warn | The Times of Israel https://www.timesofisrael.com/dead-sea-scrolls-scam-dozens-of-recently-sold-fragments-are-fakes-experts-warn/  
Comment icon #32 Posted by DieChecker on 15 March, 2020, 7:40
The people buying these fragments are idiots. They're obviously not buying these tiny fragments for study/research. They're buying them either to show off, or out of false piety. What could owning one do for anyone? God isnt going to care you spent a ton of money to buy a bit if old leather. IMHO holy relics, and such, are almost universally fake. And anyone who thinks they're more holy for having one is an idiot. They need to read the Bible about the Rich Man.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Tom1200 on 15 March, 2020, 8:01
You forgot to mention your correspondence course with the School of Clever Stuff, The Flayed Ferret, Gibbet Hill, Croydon. From the article - "Plans to remove the counterfeit fragments from display are now underway." Here for free are course notes 4.32.d "How to dispose of bodies" dictated by our resident guru Two-Eyed Tim1 (with the unfortunately racist bit redacted): "Cutt'em reel small an' flash'em daan the bogs.  Or feed'em to yer pig.  Wot you meen, ain't got no pig?  Jeesass, you some fancy cant, wot ain't got no pig?  Fack orf, ya cant.  Or best an all, mince'm aap an cook'em an feed'em... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by bruce fiction on 16 March, 2020, 0:04
I don't understand why the media is not talking about it it's like they want to keep this hussd up so it won't lead to people finding out that the King James Bible is fake to as well I don't know about any one else but something fishy is going on here people really need to use good discernment and realizes when we are being lied to by the church and when I say church I mean the Catholic Church that Pope Francis is a head up I believe that they added stuff like Jesus and tribulations into the Bible to get us living in a fear and guilt control matrix
Comment icon #35 Posted by DieChecker on 16 March, 2020, 7:09
No way!!! Those can be resold on the same sites they were bought on for at least 50 cents on the dollar. Some idiot out theres not going to care they're fake. (Sarcasm? ... perhaps... ) They probably should go back to the same person who donated them. So they can be stored in a safe for 50 years and then "found" again. (More Sarcasm?  Yeah....)
Comment icon #36 Posted by jaylemurph on 17 March, 2020, 16:15
The media isn’t going to run with a “exhibitionist, pietic rubes duped” story because then all religion would be news.  Just look at the results here, too: you’ve spun out “rubes duped” into some contorted manner of conspiracy theory.  —Jaylemurph 
Comment icon #37 Posted by Piney on 17 March, 2020, 16:50
Any real Biblical scholar, classical historian and archaeologist worth his salt knows the Bible is 90 percent fiction. Hell! Any Rabbi will tell you 90 percent of the Old Testament is fiction. As for the King James Bible, no scholar worth his salt would use that piece of trash..... Well it had to be correspondence, You don't want a Northern Borderer who's half Indian stomping around London. It would cause a panic.

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