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Viewers spot eerie figure in viral TikTok video

By T.K. Randall
April 20, 2020 · Comment icon 31 comments

Who or what is the unexplained extra ? Image Credit: TikTok / @reubix_cube
Social media users were quick to spot a peculiar extra poking its head around a corner in the background.
With most people now stuck at home all day due to the coronavirus lockdown, many have chosen to share what they've been up to on social media, with trending video-sharing platform TikTok proving to be one of the most popular destinations thanks to its simple and addicting format.

One recently uploaded video clip however, which shows TikTok user @reubix_cube showing off his dance moves to Doja Cat's 'Say So', quickly went viral for a rather unexpected reason.

Despite the fact that Reuben clearly mentions learning the dance while being home alone, eagle-eyed users wasted no time in spotting a figure poking its head around the wall at the top of the stairs.

The peculiar appearance of the figure, coupled with its eerie movement, sparked a cascade of comments from other users and the footage has since racked up over 1.8 million views.
A later video showing people's reactions to the figure has been viewed over 6 million times.

While some users accused Reuben of staging the footage, he later followed up with a comment stating that this was not the case and that he had been having trouble sleeping since the incident.

He said that he did not have any pets but that the house was situated near a cemetery.

So could the footage be evidence of something paranormal or is it little more than a hoax ?

You can check out the original TikTok video for yourself below.


lmao i’m home alone so i learned a tiktok dance. lov u doja but what has my life come to? ##musiclives ##positivevibes ##sayso ##qurantine ##boredathome

♬ Say So - Doja Cat

Source: NDTV | Comments (31)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #22 Posted by micahc 3 years ago
Caught from a security camera.
Comment icon #23 Posted by qxcontinuum 3 years ago
It's something small. Can be the head of a cat or someone's foot. The eerie part is actualy the dancer. Cringy
Comment icon #24 Posted by ercbreeze 3 years ago
You can clearly see it's a cat. Even moves like scared cat! Ericmeter: Paranormal 0% house pet/cat 100%
Comment icon #25 Posted by InconceivableThoughts 3 years ago
You seriously think your meter holds any merit when put against existing meters that are on these forums..
Comment icon #26 Posted by ercbreeze 3 years ago
Yes--because my meter is the most ACCURATE and correct! ;-)
Comment icon #27 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
So the eerie figure is the Napoleon dynamite dancer? I expect his encore is a mirror solo to goodbye horses,
Comment icon #28 Posted by KNash 3 years ago
I've seen this video pop up a lot online. I'm not convinced it's anything paranormal.
Comment icon #29 Posted by stereologist 2 years ago
In much of the rural world we live by cemeteries. People have been in North America for over 13k year, maybe 22k or whatever the latest research has found. People have been in other parts of the world for 200k years. We probably all live close to a cemetery. My papameter 0% paranormal 100% big yawn.
Comment icon #30 Posted by jmccr8 2 years ago
Hi Eric I'm more of a spliff meter kind of guy, if it only makes sense after a couple of spliffs it's bs. jmccr8
Comment icon #31 Posted by South Alabam 2 years ago
July 12, 2020 Hong Kong (Newswire Business) TikTok, the viral short video app where millions of teens post comedy skits set to snappy music hooks, has been pulled from the market by the parent owners based in China. No reason has been given as to why the popular app has been abruptly pulled, however they did hint that users had stop downloading the app, and in many cases had deleted it from their electronic devises. The reason however remains a mystery.

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