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Parents name babies 'Sanitizer' and 'Lockdown'

By T.K. Randall
April 20, 2020 · Comment icon 17 comments

Should parents really be naming their kids after the coronavirus ? Image Credit: sxc.hu
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic seems to have produced some rather unusual baby names.
This is certainly a trying time for any new parent, but for some newborn babies in India recently, traditional naming conventions seem to have been thrown out the window in favor of names that, although undoubtedly topical, may seem a little strange under the current circumstances.

According to reports, a baby boy in the city of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh was named 'Sanitizer' in honor of the popular hand-washing substance used by millions during the pandemic.

The strange naming choice isn't an isolated incident either - in Chhattisgarh recently it was revealed that the parents of newborn twins decided to name their children 'Corona' and 'Covid'.
There are also reports of a child in Basti district who has been given the name 'Lockdown'.

The parents of Sanitizer have stated that they were inspired by the country's politicians who have emphasized the importance of washing hands to battle the virus.

"This is my way to contribute to the efforts taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government," said the boy's father, Omveer Singh.

"Sanitizer is helping us fight coronavirus, so I named my child after it."

Source: Times of India | Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by acute 4 years ago
"San" and "Lock" don't sound too bad!
Comment icon #9 Posted by Torviking 4 years ago
Are these people for real? Sounds like an LA way of thinking.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Not Your Huckleberry 4 years ago
Parenting, one of the few things left in the world that you don't need a license for. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by openozy 4 years ago
I spent months choosing names for my kids so they wouldn't be picked on."Gaylord" and "Typhoid Mary" are very happy I did. 
Comment icon #12 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
My mother made my name up and the way she spelled it always gave me either an advantage, because on paper I was expected to be male and got into a lot of programs that were closed to girls (stupid 60's & 70's); or a disadvantage because everyone was sure that they got my name backwards so called me by my last name or mispronounced and misspelled my first name often.  Needless to say my kids got common names, though not intentionally that the year my oldest daughter was born the name I chose for her was the number one name of girls born in 1979 in the U.S.  And the same thing happened to ... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Captain Risky 4 years ago
Forget the pandemic. I meet one lovely American lady well into her thirties that was called Rabbit. Whats wrong with you people ?
Comment icon #14 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
I know a 50 something year old woman named Bambi.  I always wanted to ask her what her mother was thinking.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Captain Risky 4 years ago
What about some of those names that Black Americans choose ? aren't exactly normal either. 
Comment icon #16 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
Or a drug addict I know who named her son DeShawn (not black, she just liked the name).  I don't think it has to do with what color your skin is, my mother was white and she made up my name in the 50's. 
Comment icon #17 Posted by Captain Risky 4 years ago
Nah I'm just having a laugh at the names people choose and not the colour of their skin. 

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