Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Pilot: 'Tic-Tac UFO committed act of war'

Posted on Monday, 14 September, 2020 | Comment icon 133 comments

Who or what was piloting this thing and where did it come from ? Image Credit: US Navy
One of the pilots involved in the USS Nimitz UFO incident maintains that the object took hostile action.
One of the most intriguing new UFO cases to have come to light in recent years, the USS Nimitz incident, which occurred in 2004 during a training exercise approximately 100 miles from San Diego, saw US fighter pilots from the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group encounter an unidentified flying object.

Footage of the UFO was later published in 2017 and subsequently confirmed to be genuine.

One of the pilots who was sent out to pursue the mysterious object that day was Commander David Fravor who later described it as "like nothing [he'd] ever seen."

Speaking on a recent podcast hosted by MIT research scientist Lex Fridman, Fravor described in more detail what happened that day during attempts to pursue the object.

He noted that his fellow pilot Chad Underwood had been jammed when he had tried to track it.
"He's telling the radar, 'Stare down the line of sight, whatever is there I want you to grab it and build a trace file on it,' which will tell you where it is, how fast it is and the direction that it's going," he said.

"The radar is smart enough that when the signal comes back if it's been messed with, it will tell you - it will give you indications that it's being jammed... It's being jammed into about every mode you can see... You can tell it's being jammed."

"When you actively jam another platform, that's technically an act of war."

As for the nature and origins of these objects, Fravor remains uncertain.

"I don't like to get into little green men but I don't think we've developed it..." he said. "I think you can hide things for a while. This is a giant leap in technology."

Source: Newshub.co.nz | Comments (133)

Tags: UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #124 Posted by SeekTruth on 25 September, 2020, 23:51
Was that supposed to be an answer to the question I posed to you in post #122?
Comment icon #125 Posted by stereologist on 25 September, 2020, 23:56
Clearly you should know if you had the ability to read. Then again, maybe you are clueless about that being a straw man.
Comment icon #126 Posted by SeekTruth on 26 September, 2020, 1:33
I see you are apt at dishing out insults, but not so apt at defending your assertions. 
Comment icon #127 Posted by stereologist on 26 September, 2020, 1:41
I see you are just inept at understanding your use of a straw man argument.
Comment icon #128 Posted by SeekTruth on 26 September, 2020, 1:47
Again, substantiate your claim that I knocked down a straw man.     Let me break it down for you. The claim was made that memory is unreliable. Unless that claim is qualified (as in something like, "memory can be unreliable") then my observation stands. I'm happy to help clear up your confusion here. I teach an introductory course on Logic every Fall semester and wouldn't mind lending you a hand here, despite your poor attitude. Let me know.
Comment icon #129 Posted by stereologist on 26 September, 2020, 1:50
Now go back and read what you wrote and see how you created a straw man argument. Due to your snarky attitude in several threads I will not help you out. You teach a course. LOL. I don't believe you.What a ridiculous joke.
Comment icon #130 Posted by SeekTruth on 26 September, 2020, 1:52
You accusing someone of having a snarky attitude.. Now, that's rich! Be well!
Comment icon #131 Posted by stereologist on 26 September, 2020, 1:55
And as we notice you did not defend teaching a course. Of course that was not true. Posters wonder why it is so easy to see through the dumb lies people post. So have you figured out the straw man argument you used or are you going to continue posting more falsehoods about yourself?
Comment icon #132 Posted by SeekTruth on 26 September, 2020, 2:00
Do you want my name and the name of the University I teach at? HA! I'd happily demonstrate my handle on informal fallacies if you would but just attempt to substantiate your claim and demonstrate how exactly I am guilty of a straw man argument. I won't hold my breath; you don't appear to have a teachable spirit anyway.
Comment icon #133 Posted by Saru on 26 September, 2020, 11:22
Thread closed for moderator review.

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