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Strange glowing object filmed near Stonehenge

November 26, 2020 | Comment icon 15 comments

The object was visible above the horizon (see video below). Image Credit: YouTube / Kosik Otto
A couple driving near the Wiltshire monument last month spotted something unusual hovering over the area.
The unidentified object, which resembled a bright, flat disc, was captured on camera by Tash Minto and her partner Tony Waterhouse who had been driving along the A303 near Mere on October 31st.

"I would not have thought in my wildest dreams that I would make a video like this!" said Minto.

"On the way back from Devon yesterday, we noticed a huge, bright light in the sky on the left side of the A303 road. It was orange and had a very strong artificial light. My partner said there may have been more lights, but I could have sworn it was a solid body."

"We thought of drones or reflectors, but by no means matched their size. The light was constant, under the clouds and motionless. We rotated for about 3 minutes and then disappeared."
As things stand, it remains unclear what the object could have been.

"I'm a big fan of nature and this didn't seem to come from anything like the Sun or the Moon, it felt like it was coming from something artificial," Minto told The Daily Star.

"Tony said it was definitely little green men."

"Personally, I think, if they are out there, they won't be very little. I think they'll be giants."

Source: IB Times | Comments (15)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by Mr Walker 11 months ago
That was my thoughtalso. I've seen very similar here. It didn't seem to be moving at all
Comment icon #7 Posted by toast 11 months ago
Han Solo accelerating his YT-1300 heading Oslo.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Essan 11 months ago
Assuming they were driving ENE along the A303, it's roughly where the rising full Moon (partially hidden by clouds) should be ..... This would also explain why such a prominent light source wasn't noticed by anyone else as being anything out of the ordinary. Also worth noting that the light source remains out of focus throughout. If they were driving in a WSW direction then it's a different story!
Comment icon #9 Posted by mesuma 11 months ago
I was about to say ffs that's car headlights damn it.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Bathtub 11 months ago
Almost certainly that's the rising moon - and when sightings can't be explained by something natural in that part of the world, they're often to do with military exercises over Salisbury Plain. Bringing Stonehenge into it is pure clickbait - it's 20 miles from Mere.
Comment icon #11 Posted by MissJatti 11 months ago
Fake... because we see the light 2.5secs into the clip, and the camera zooms into the area where the light is at about 5.5 secs into the video. That tells me at some things not right here.
Comment icon #12 Posted by tortugabob 11 months ago
Looks just like that blimp the idiots in New Jersey were excited about several months ago. That or a full moon that was partially exposed between two cloud banks. Nothing to see here people. Don't waste your time watching this one.
Comment icon #13 Posted by astrobeing 11 months ago
It looked interesting, whatever it was.
Comment icon #14 Posted by moonman 11 months ago
Thats exactly what I thought. At some points you can almost see a line of clouds that leads up to the bottom of it.
Comment icon #15 Posted by astrobeing 11 months ago
And we did have a blue Moon on Halloween.

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