Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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More Americans now believe UFOs are alien

Posted on Thursday, 26 August, 2021 | Comment icon 47 comments

In the United States, interest in UFOs is on the rise. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Gerhard Uhlhorn
A recent Gallup poll has highlighted an upward trend in the number of people who believe that UFOs are alien.
It has been quite a year for the UFO phenomenon, with the US government's long-awaited report providing a measure of authenticity to the topic and an acknowledgment that there is indeed something unexplained in the skies above the United States.

This legitimizing of the subject, coupled with widespread media coverage - particularly regarding US Navy pilot sightings - is reflected in a recent Gallop poll which asked:

"Which comes closer to your view -- [ some UFOs have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth from other planets or galaxies, (or) all UFO sightings can be explained by human activity on Earth or natural phenomenon]?".
The results indicated an upward trend from a similar poll that was conducted two years ago, with 41% of participants indicating that they believed some UFOs were extraterrestrial (up 8% on 2019's figure).

The poll also indicated that 50% believed that UFO sightings all had conventional explanations, a decrease of 10%. A further 9% had 'no opinion', which was an increase of 2%.

Breaking down the poll's findings further, it was revealed that 44% of men and 38% of women believed in a possible alien interpretation, while older age groups were less likely to believe than younger ones.

The poll also found that there was no discernible difference between Democrats and Republicans with regard to overall opinions on the phenomenon.

Source: Gallup | Comments (47)

Tags: UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #38 Posted by preacherman76 on 10 September, 2021, 22:12
China wouldn't have. Their economy for the time being is way to depend on US customers. They would be committing economic suicide attacking us. 
Comment icon #39 Posted by bison on 11 September, 2021, 16:38
An Earthly  source of the apparent technology behind persistently unexplained UFOs is unlikely. Both China, and Russia have experienced the same sort of UFOs, and are no more able to explain them than we are. The recent U.S. military and intelligence report on UAPs/ UFOs makes the point that an advanced technology is the most likely explanation for many of these sightings. They shy away the rather obvious, extraterrestrial, conclusion, but do not actually rule it out. Is this preparation for a admission in the not-too-distant future that extraterrestrial intelligence is the source of these UFO... [More]
Comment icon #40 Posted by Phantom309 on 11 September, 2021, 16:53
Actually, and it's just my opinion, I sense they would utilize that level of technology in an instant. Probably initially on a tactical basis, such as the issue involving the island of Taiwan, which they so desperately want to retake. A successful demonstration of such technology could further embolden them for other, far more aggressive, undertakings. 
Comment icon #41 Posted by DanL on 12 September, 2021, 3:11
We can't really imagine what sort of technology a civilization hundreds if not THOUSANDS of years ahead of us might have. Imagine someone from the 16th century trying to understand electricity and/or computers. We as a people always tend to believe that we are the TOP of the pile as far as technology goes. A hundred years pass, and that is proven a fallacy. Aliens might be thousands of years ahead of us with technology that is totally unimaginable and probably indistinguishable from magic, I hope that if we ever encounter a species that far ahead of us that they are a LOT more civilized and ki... [More]
Comment icon #42 Posted by ChrLzs on 12 September, 2021, 21:23
Would you mind citing that claim? My problem with this is (and has been from the start) that there is NO evidence for non-terrestrial behavior.  That claim is completely UNsupported by the evidence presented to date. Nothing.  None of the videos (whether IR or visible light), none of the radar data.  Yes, some notable characters have amazing anecdotes, but they are not supported by evidence.  In several cases, the reports conflict.  Which is why boring folks like me don't take those anecdotes too seriously, especially when you have idiotic commercial interests (eg ToTheStars) who make serious ... [More]
Comment icon #43 Posted by LightAngel on 13 September, 2021, 15:30
  Beautiful post.
Comment icon #44 Posted by bison on 13 September, 2021, 16:20
The German report, headed by Dr. Hermann Oberth, is fairly well known. This is mainly due to his efforts, thereafter, to publicize its conclusions, in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis for many UFO reports. I believe you'll find this study, and those from Sweden and France discussed in the Wikipedia article  headed: Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Of course there was also Project Sign in the U.S., which reached a similar conclusion, only to have it overruled by a military superior who was not involved in the project, and who had no scientific qualifications to justify such a judgement. 
Comment icon #45 Posted by ChrLzs on 15 September, 2021, 1:11
? Not to me it isn't.  Anyone else? This was the best way to back up the claim?  Ie that "A number of nations, including France, Germany, and Sweden have already reached, and admitted this conclusion"?  That clearly implies that France, Germany and Sweden have all admitted and verified alien visitation...... OK, so what did Oberth actually say?  When, and based on what?  All I can find is from 1954, where in an interview for a magazine he gave his opinion and said on the basis of no specified evidence {my emphasis}: A lot of folks in the 50's thought that was a possibility...  A few folks stil... [More]
Comment icon #46 Posted by ChrLzs on 15 September, 2021, 3:00
BTW, regarding Project Sign, I quote:      Golly gosh darn - so there was another version of the report, that nobody got or took a copy of or quoted, and that this magical invisible version somehow "endorsed an interplanetary explanation". If such a thing existed, did they also edit out all the evidence throughout the report that led to that conclusion...?   Seriously, give me a break. EVIDENCE is the key. There is NONE of the above. And if UFO's were visiting back then, let alone now, why the F would they be 'controlled' by those evil American coverruperers?  Why not land in public, or in ano... [More]
Comment icon #47 Posted by khol on 15 September, 2021, 11:25
Didn’t think I’d ever see the day lol… ( I haven’t even said that but your right I suppose its a remote possibility....cheers )

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