Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Jane Goodall won't rule out existence of Bigfoot

September 29, 2021 | Comment icon 48 comments

Does Bigfoot lurk in the rainforests of South America ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Jlwad
Being the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall certainly knows a thing or two about primates.
The 87-year-old, who first studied chimps at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania all the way back in 1960, has spent six decades of her life attempting to learn more about them.

When it comes to Bigfoot, therefore, there are few people as qualified to comment on the possibility that there is a mysterious, undiscovered species of primate roaming the forests of North America.

It is certainly interesting to note, then, that she has publicly stated on multiple occasions that she does not rule out the possible existence of such a creature.

During a recent interview with GQ Magazine, she also recalled an experience of her own that seemed to further reinforce this possibility in her mind.

It happened during a trip to Ecuador and occurred following a flight to a small village in an area of rainforest so vast that it took hours of solid flying over nothing but trees to reach the settlement.
Once there, she recalled speaking to a town crier - someone who travels from one village to another with news (there were no roads, telephones or any other way to communicate over distances.)

Through an interpreter, she requested that he ask the village's hunters if they had ever seen a "monkey without a tail" during their travels in the deep forest.

Incredibly, three hunters later got back to her to claim that they had indeed seen such a thing.

"They walk upright and they're about six foot tall," they told her.

What makes this so interesting, Goodall argues, is that these men had no idea about the modern Bigfoot phenomenon - they were simply recalling something they'd experienced first-hand.

As far as what it was they actually did see, however, we can only speculate.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #39 Posted by ChrLzs 16 days ago
Could it just possibly be that Nessie's existence is constrained in what is a fairly small area, at least compared to the widespread wilderness areas across multiple countries for something bigfootish? Could it just possibly be that Loch Ness has been extensively examined and researched and scanned? That multiple Nessie fakes have already been uncovered? That what footage exists is pitifully bad quality, even worse than that for BF? (It's difficult to wear a Nessie suit convincingly..)   As usual, that is a case of comparing apples with mountain ranges... they are not very comparable at all.
Comment icon #40 Posted by OverSword 16 days ago
Or it could be her affinity with primates. 
Comment icon #41 Posted by Gaden 16 days ago
I can't believe you forgot to mention that their magnetic resonance is of a different frequency than our own dimension, which is why all photos of them are blurry. The same is true for alien powered ufos. 
Comment icon #42 Posted by ThereWeAreThen 16 days ago
Does "astral planes" come under jabberwocky, pseudoscientific, bull**** explanation? Asking for a friend.
Comment icon #43 Posted by Hammerclaw 16 days ago
Pretty much. 
Comment icon #44 Posted by ChrLzs 16 days ago
D. All of the above.
Comment icon #45 Posted by Hammerclaw 16 days ago
Some are quite passionate and sincere. However, 272 kilo, 2 .4 meter  tall animals usually don't require a belief system to justify their existence......
Comment icon #46 Posted by Nobu 15 days ago
I dont  believe many of us are idiots here. Even the most outlandish of posts deserves respect in my opinion.   im not going to lay it out here in great detail mainly because I’m tired and the OMG is next to me at 2:26am elbowing me. guys… Jane Goodall has been reviewed something of 200 times (including papers not published) now. The interesting battles you guys have here may not be interesting. I would advise to take her viewpoint and decide what is possible. I have mmmmaaaaaybe 7 regions possible for a bigfoot in existence. And I do t believe they do. I just believe in science. I always will... [More]
Comment icon #47 Posted by Nobu 15 days ago
Omg means old Mexican gal…. She doesn’t like me much saying that or even not saying that
Comment icon #48 Posted by Hyperionxvii 12 days ago
"Jane Goodall" Who? I don't totally rule out the existence of Jane Goodall. Should anyone care?

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