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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious lights captured on camera over UK motorway

November 25, 2021 | Comment icon 12 comments

Who or what is behind this peculiar phenomenon ? Image Credit: Kelly Thompson
A woman who had been traveling with her partner along the M6 recently photographed something unusual in the sky.
Kelly Thompson and Stuart Marshall had been driving between Liverpool and Manchester on November 18th at around 6:45pm when they spotted something in the sky above them.

The phenomenon, which consisted of dots, lines and streaks, had the appearance of something being projected upwards from the ground, however there was no sign of anything within the vicinity of the lights that could explain what was producing them.

"We were just driving and saw these weird lights in the sky, I couldn't really explain it," said Kelly.

"At first I thought it was something projecting into the sky from the floor but I kept looking everywhere and couldn't see anything."
"When then drove directly under them and I took pictures because I couldn't explain it. I was baffled. I was in the car with my partner and he could see it too and was wondering what it was."

After the encounter, she checked online to look for possible explanations but could find none.

"I started trying to Google what I had seen, but it's hard to put into words, you know," she said.

"I also spoke to my friends about it and the first thing they said was 'oh, it's a UFO', but I'm on the fence with that kind of thing."

Source: Liverpool Echo | Comments (12)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by brokenbutcher2016 12 days ago
ExoPauls link shows an awful lot of reflective light smear going on. Red tail lights from the car on the left etc..
Comment icon #4 Posted by esoteric_toad 12 days ago
Yet apparently no one else thought to take a photo. If only we had devices that could take high resolution images in our possession nearly every waking moment.
Comment icon #5 Posted by DieChecker 12 days ago
Its obviously radioactive glowing chem trails.  Some kind of Aurora effect maybe? Maybe reflected lights from a ball field. That could explain the distancing between the lights.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Trelane 12 days ago
It's an alien craft, get over it.
Comment icon #7 Posted by ChrLzs 12 days ago
The topmost bit seems very likely to be a reflection of a multimedia head unit's screen. The other streaks seem to match this art installation in Liverpool: referred to here: https://www.visitliverpool.com/whats-on/dance-together-p477671
Comment icon #8 Posted by brokenbutcher2016 11 days ago
#5  Sarcasm?..   agreed.. 3 billion cell phones on the planet and we really have very few mind blowing clear pics, proof I guess no one looks up very much...even so, if they are crystal clear, they are dismissed as fakes due to that fact that those clear shots are to good to be true. An authentic clear video of a craft doing its thing would be picked apart in a flash. ..Conundrum...
Comment icon #9 Posted by Trelane 11 days ago
Not a conundrum at all. Show us one that you think is "crystal clear" and not a hoax or fake.
Comment icon #10 Posted by NCC1701 11 days ago
The color reminds me of a music festival?s cloud projection light show.
Comment icon #11 Posted by MissJatti 11 days ago
Just the car console area night lights reflected on the mirror
Comment icon #12 Posted by ChrLzs 10 days ago
Please give a good example.  In other words where the dismissal was solely due to it being 'too good'. I've heard this claim many times, but I've never seen an example given. 

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