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New Loch Ness monster footage hailed as 'best in 20 years'

By T.K. Randall
May 3, 2022 · Comment icon 23 comments

Could this be the Loch Ness Monster ? Image Credit: Mail Online
A couple who had been visiting Loch Ness recently managed to record something unexplained moving in the water.
There have been four registered sightings of the elusive monster already this year and this latest one, which was filmed by a couple who wish to remain anonymous, is the most intriguing to date.

The couple, who had been on vacation in the Scottish Highlands, had been visiting the iconic loch when they spotted something moving through the water.

"We were fairly ambivalent about the Loch Ness monster," the woman told the Mail Online.

"We enjoyed the stories but didn't necessarily believe them."
"We'd definitely love for somebody to analyze the video. If it helps anybody work out what's down there then it'd be our absolute pleasure. We would be delighted."

According to Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, the footage has been viewed by a photographic expert who confirmed that it shows something moving in the water.

Whatever it is it's larger than a bird, but it is otherwise difficult to make out what it could be.

The footage is available to view on the Mail Online's website - here.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by CigaretteSmokingMan 2 years ago
Best crap in 20 years
Comment icon #15 Posted by tortugabob 2 years ago
Want to get some video of Nessie? Get a mile away and don't focus the lens. And God forbid zooming in on it.
Comment icon #16 Posted by HSlim 2 years ago
Aren't they all the best in 20 years?
Comment icon #17 Posted by Blockade Runner 2 years ago
If that's the best in 20 years, I wonder what the others show. Ladybugs?
Comment icon #18 Posted by DieChecker 2 years ago
VERY underwhelming. Worse then the idiots looking for bigfoot with IR. Not just worthless, but boring too.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Nobu 2 years ago
They have nothing on Garry and his proof of the lake monster in NE US.
Comment icon #20 Posted by psyche101 2 years ago
Best proof in 20 years, or only claim in 20 years?
Comment icon #21 Posted by A rather obscure Bassoon 2 years ago
Apparently according to fake tv show Expedition Bigfoot they have the ability to Cloak lol. Laughable… Apologies for wandering off subject.    
Comment icon #22 Posted by ThereWeAreThen 2 years ago
You think thats laughable? A poster on here reckons they're interdimensional!
Comment icon #23 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 2 years ago
hey hey hey I resemble that remark!  

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