Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Sheep is sentenced to jail for killing a woman in Sudan

May 25, 2022 | Comment icon 17 comments

The 'prisoner' is to be sentenced to three years in a military camp. Image Credit: Twitter
It's not just human offenders who face a prison sentence for committing a crime in some parts of the world.
The ram, which ferociously attacked and killed 45-year-old Adhieu Chaping earlier this month, was taken into police custody in South Sudan on the basis that it had committed murder.

"The ram attacked by hitting her ribs and the woman died immediately," sad Major Elijah Mabor. "So this is what happened in Rumbek East in a place called Akuel Yol."

"Our role as police is to provide safety and separate fights. The ram was apprehended and currently under custody at a Police Station of Maleng Agok Payam."
"The owner is innocent and the ram is the one who perpetrated the crime so it deserves to be arrested then later on the case shall be forwarded to customary court where the case can be handed amicably."

Bizarrely, the animal now faces a three-year prison sentence at a military camp.

Once it gets out, it will be gifted to the family of the victim.

The ram's owner is also expected to offer them five cows as compensation.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (17)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Timothy 1 month ago
Life expectancy is ~60 years in South Sudan.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Jon the frog 1 month ago
Better for that sheep to not drop the soap in the shower...
Comment icon #10 Posted by openozy 1 month ago
The ram would love being out of the weather, free meals and protection from predators. I say draw and quarter, I'll take a shoulder.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Timothy 1 month ago
I donít think it will survive the three yearsÖ
Comment icon #12 Posted by openozy 1 month ago
Probably last longer than most in an African prison†.lol
Comment icon #13 Posted by Hawken 1 month ago
I think Dodge should rename their trucks, Buck tough.† †
Comment icon #14 Posted by newbloodmoon 24 days ago
Well to be fair the truck is called the Dodge Ram, so I say thatís truth in advertisement at itís finest.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Hawken 24 days ago
True, but in the commercials they say Ram Tough. †
Comment icon #16 Posted by newbloodmoon 22 days ago
I guess thatís double the warning, Dodge the Ram cause theyíre tough or itís tough. I suppose that depends on how fast the Ram is going and how agile the Potential Ramiee is.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Autistocrates 22 days ago
At one time or another, a Dodge Ram had to have a 45 year old elderly woman replace the hood ornament

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