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Aliens have been mutilating sheep in Wales, UFO hunter claims

By T.K. Randall
May 30, 2023 · Comment icon 30 comments

Are aliens to blame ? Image Credit: Pixabay / KarstenBergmann
A spate of mysterious sheep deaths in the Welsh Cambrian mountains has been attributed to extraterrestrial visitors.
Unexplained animal deaths, often exhibiting unusual wounds such as clean-cut incisions indicative of surgical precision, are a phenomenon that has cropped up time and again over the years.

Many of these killings, which have been plaguing farmers in some of the remotest parts of Wales for some time, have been blamed on exotic predatory cats (such as panthers) roaming the British countryside, but now one UFO enthusiast has put forward a very different theory that might better explain the phenomenon.

Helena Worth, who describes herself as an 'amateur scientist', maintains that extraterrestrial intervention is to blame for the unexplained injuries typical of these sheep deaths.

"With cattle and sheep mutilations it's always very precise cut marks or something an animal couldn't do," she said. "And there often aren't any footprints up to the animal, so there is no evidence humans are responsible so maybe it could have come from above."
There is certainly no denying that something strange is going on - farmers in the region have been reporting unexplained sheep deaths for decades and there are numerous well documented cases.

Many of these deaths seem to exhibit evidence of surgical precision not at all consistent with the feral cats theory, leaving many farmers scratching their heads.

While Helena Worth's explanation might sound 'out there', it at least attempts to explain the more unusual nature of these cases.

Whether or not extraterrestrial visitors are truly to blame, however, remains a matter of debate.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by Portre 11 months ago
That makes no sense. Why would they be laughing? Are the insurance companies in on the fraud? I don't have a theory. I'm pretty sure wild cats would drag their kill to their den.   I'm not convinced there's a 60+ year, world-wide insurance fraud scheme.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Portre 11 months ago
At least you're keeping an open mind.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Piney 11 months ago
No, they generally refuse to pay. I'm convinced there are various factors involved disease, wild dogs who kill for the sake of it, poison plants or feed.  Poisoning by plants or feed is actually pretty common.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Piney 11 months ago
So you don't have a opinion. It's just a mystery to you.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Portre 11 months ago
I do not know. You do not know. You have a supposition. I don't. It is possible to search the internet for explanations. Enjoyable, but not convincing to me. I do enjoy a mystery, so, no, not "just" a mystery.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Piney 11 months ago
Well, when a animal lays on the ground overnight the blood pools at the lowest point then gels. The next day insects start to gnaw on the soft parts and the areas touching the ground. There is no sign of blood when this happens. Poison feed enmass is pretty common but doesn't make the news. My mother bought 500 head of cattle and didn't know they were fed with bone meal by the previous owner. Some started getting sick and all 500 had Prions (Mad Cow) disease. That happens more often than not and if the herd is out on government land nobody would know until half are already dead.  
Comment icon #27 Posted by Golden Duck 11 months ago
  These alienz are a canny lot. They mutilate llivestock in such a manner to mimic a completely natural process.   Quote One Washington County sheriff decided to investigate by leaving a dead cow out in an open field, to see what happened to a carcass left in similar conditions. Sheriff Herb Marshall and his team kept watch on the animal day and night, observing the decomposition and keeping a lookout for any scavengers.   ...   "Once the animal had bloated and the gases had forced a lot of the organs and things from the inside out then the blowflies clean that up very, very quickly," Mars... [More]
Comment icon #28 Posted by newbloodmoon 11 months ago
I used to work on my great uncles ranch in Idaho during the summer months and occasionally on a native friends ranch in n. Montana. I have seen this happen first hand.   Edit: aliens not needed.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Portre 11 months ago
Too bad, could've got a segment on Unsolved Mysteries.
Comment icon #30 Posted by Unusual Tournament 11 months ago
…if insurance companies pay for bizarre livestock mutilations but not for wild dog attacks I wouldn’t insure them

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