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World of the Bizarre

Man guilty of using cloned animal parts to create giant 'franken-sheep'

3-14-2024 | 9

The 80-year-old had been attempting to create enormous hybrid animals for hunters to shoot on his property.

The UFO Phenomenon

Aliens have been mutilating sheep in Wales, UFO hunter claims

5-30-2023 | 30

A spate of mysterious sheep deaths in the Welsh Cambrian mountains has been attributed to extraterrestrial visitors.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

DNA test confirms presence of predatory big cats in the UK

5-16-2023 | 42

A strand of hair found on a fence following a sheep attack suggests that there are large predatory cats prowling the countryside.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as entire flock of sheep walk in circles for 12 days straight

 VIDEO  11-18-2022 | 32

Viral footage from China shows the farm animals continuously circling the same spot for no apparent reason.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Camper films 'black panther feeding on a dead sheep' in England

 VIDEO  10-6-2022 | 36

The footage, which reportedly shows an exotic black cat, has generated some heated debate since appearing online.

Space & Astronomy

Shaun the Sheep will fly around the Moon on Artemis I

8-3-2022 | 2

ESA has announced the sole crew member of Artemis I... and it's an animated sheep made of plasticine.

World of the Bizarre

Sheep is sentenced to jail for killing a woman in Sudan

5-25-2022 | 17

It's not just human offenders who face a prison sentence for committing a crime in some parts of the world.

Archaeology & History

Ancient gold ring found in a shipwreck could depict Jesus

2-7-2022 | 9

Revealed by the Israel Antiquities Authority back in December, the ring shows a shepherd boy holding a sheep.

World of the Bizarre

Mutant lamb learns how to walk on two legs

 VIDEO  5-2-2021 | 7

A young sheep at a farm in China has overcome the odds to gain its mobility using only its two front legs.

World of the Bizarre

Wild sheep with 78-pound coat is finally shorn

 VIDEO  2-27-2021 | 1

A very overgrown sheep named Baarack has been rescued after being found by a member of the public.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery 'large predator' kills sheep in England

1-9-2021 | 10

A rural crime team has been investigating a spate of unexplained sheep deaths at a farm in Cheshire.

Modern Mysteries

Pentagrams painted on sheep in occult killings

12-1-2019 | 14

A spate of unsolved animal killings involving occult symbolism have been reported in the south of England.

Science & Technology

Scientists create human-sheep hybrid embryos

2-18-2018 | 5

The research aims to solve donor organ shortages by making it possible to grow human organs inside sheep.

Science & Technology

Dolly the sheep had no health abnormalities

11-23-2017 | 3

A new study has indicated that the famous cloned sheep had not suffered from any abnormal health issues.

Nature & Environment

Sheep are capable of recognizing human faces

11-8-2017 | 8

A new study has revealed that, like humans, the humble sheep has the ability to recognize a familiar face.

World of the Bizarre

Dog travels 240 miles to his former home

4-25-2016 | 25

An adventurous sheepdog has managed to make his way hundreds of miles to the home of his former owners.

World of the Bizarre

World's oldest dog has died at the age of 30

4-23-2016 | 12

A sheepdog by the name of Maggie sadly passed away earlier this month after living for three decades.

World of the Bizarre

Flatulent sheep force emergency landing

 VIDEO  11-5-2015 | 21

A Singapore Airlines flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop due to a rather unexpected issue.

World of the Bizarre

Farmer uses drone to round up his sheep

 VIDEO  4-1-2015 | 8

A farmer in Ireland has decided to replace his dog with a more contemporary solution to herding sheep.

World of the Bizarre

World's wooliest sheep found in Tazmania

 VIDEO  8-27-2014 | 22

A sheep that hasn't been shorn for six years has so much wool that it can hardly see where it's going.

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