Friday, September 29, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

British astronaut speaks out about UAPs

By T.K. Randall
June 13, 2022 · Comment icon 15 comments

Peake spent over 185 days in space. Image Credit: NASA
Col Tim Peake, who previously spent time aboard the space station, discussed UAPs during a recent TV interview.
Peake, who is no stranger to living and working in space, had plenty to say on the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena during a segment on British daytime television show Good Morning Britain recently.

"I think it's interesting that the US Government has made this public, the report is out that there have been over 100 incidents calling them 'Unexplained Aerial Phenomena' or UAP," he said.

"There's been a hearing in Congress - of course there weren't many answers to the questions because that's the whole point of the phenomena - it's still very much unexplained. But I think it's a good thing there are discussions being had, and that this information is being made available."
Peake also ran through some possible explanations for the phenomenon.

"There are several theories about could it be something that has been developed in a classified program, but then why would this information be being made public, if that were the case," he said.

"Is it some sort of uncrewed robotic type object from another civilization? I heard one theory where a pilot was talking about that potentially in the future they've developed time travel - is it something that's come back from the future?"

"So there are all these theories going around about what they could be, but ultimately we do not know."

Source: Bristol Post | Comments (15)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
So you're implying that all have been explainable?
Comment icon #7 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
The lead astronomer from China stated in all related articles that it could be (and is likely) radio interference.  The article hasn't been "pulled".
Comment icon #8 Posted by Zebra3 1 year ago
No, they'll just never let you know if they can't drum up an explanation.
Comment icon #9 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
"They" meaning all pilots in the past eighty years?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Zebra3 1 year ago
'They', meaning the powers that be that keep them under wraps. The ones where 'they' need to keep them quiet.
Comment icon #11 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
OK, so it's another vast complex conspiracy that's been going on invisibly for several decades involving thousands if not millions of people.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Zebra3 1 year ago
I don't know what you're talking about. I think you may be misconstruing things.
Comment icon #13 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
That's what I was saying to you.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
I love the reaction when the absurdity of their CTs are presented right back to them. Very entertaining.
Comment icon #15 Posted by badeskov 1 year ago
Admittedly I find it sad when such absurdity is promoted again and again.  

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