Monday, September 26, 2022
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Woman who had NDE 'can't wait to go back'

By T.K. Randall
August 14, 2022 · Comment icon 121 comments

Some NDEs can be particularly profound. Image Credit: Louis Janmot
A woman who had a transformative near-death experience is now looking forward to experiencing it all again.
Seeing events flashing before your eyes, observing a bright light at the end of a tunnel or feeling as though you are floating above your own body are just some of the things commonly described by patients who have had a near-death experience.

Others, meanwhile, recall meeting lost loves ones or even encountering divine beings.

When 78-year-old Betty Eadie 'died' for a brief time during a hysterectomy operation, her own near-death experience was so profound that she now can't wait to go back and experience it again.

It began, as many such experiences do, with her floating in the air, looking down at her body. She was then told by three 'really ancient men' that she had in fact passed on.

The next thing she knew, she was seeing members of her family around her.
"My husband was sitting in the armchair and I stood next to him, I was concerned because he didn't know I had died, nor had my children, and I was worried for all of them," she told Inside Edition.

"But then I was given a glimpse into their futures and saw they'd all lead good lives."

She even recalled meeting who she believed to be Jesus Christ at the end of a tunnel who hugged her and told her that it was not yet her time.

Before she knew it, she was back in her own body again.

The experience, however, has had a distinct and profound impact on her life.

"I want to go back," she says.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #112 Posted by Will Due 1 month ago
† If nothing has developed in your life beyond your control, you would be the most unique person who has ever lived. † †
Comment icon #113 Posted by jmccr8 1 month ago
Hi Will Yes there are things that develop beyond my control. That doesnít mean I have to let it control me as many times it boils down to perception and how I react. There is no grudge or fate in those situations as far as I am concerned as I will do what I have to to move on in life that is my nature.†
Comment icon #114 Posted by Will Due 1 month ago
† Okay. Good to hear. † Just curious. Did you read the article I linked earlier? † †
Comment icon #115 Posted by jmccr8 1 month ago
Hi Will Yes I did read the link what he did was his choice and each of us gets to chose how things affect us as individuals.
Comment icon #116 Posted by Hammerclaw 1 month ago
"There is no such thing as luck (or fate) there is only adequate or inadequate preparation to cope with a statistical universe."† † † † † † R.A. Heinlein
Comment icon #117 Posted by Will Due 1 month ago
† Yes we get to choose but not about those things that occur that we have no control over which are commonly referred to as "acts of God". Sometimes these are things that people end up holding a grudge against God for. But like the kid who held a grudge against his kidnappers back in '76 it wasn't until he finally realized it was just a matter of choice to not allow circumstances beyond his control to enslave him with an attitude that would eventually destroy his life. And that's why I think he thanked his kidnappers. Because without them doing what they did, he may never have come to realize ... [More]
Comment icon #118 Posted by Hammerclaw 1 month ago
Why hold a grudge against God, who, according to belief, created life and the universe? If one believes in a creator, who created this perfectly natural universe, that creator owes man nothing, but man owes the creator his existence. Man fancies himself a special creation, but perhaps no more special, maybe even less, than similar creations throughout the cosmos. Human theologies are always homocentric.†
Comment icon #119 Posted by Will Due 1 month ago
† While it's as simple as just stopping it, holding a grudge towards God may just be the most prolific and widespread grudge holding event in the lives of many people. † †
Comment icon #120 Posted by jmccr8 1 month ago
Hi Will If I do not know if a god exists then acts of god are equally subjective so personally I donít see cause to assign blame to something that has no credible influence. You can chose to believe what you will as it is your choice which is fine. He made his choice just like you or I do, his choice was about his life. I likely would understand but wouldnít bother with meeting them which is my personal choice.
Comment icon #121 Posted by Will Due 1 month ago
† Yeah that might be why he ended up in a news article. I think many people end up realizing how detrimental it is to themselves to maintain a grudge of any kind. In the case like his I think most people would just stop holding the grudge without going any further to take steps to meet the person or persons who committed crimes against them. But in a way I can understand doing such a thing. It might help in the healing process if it isn't done to be spiteful. † †

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