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'Possessed' children reportedly 'walked up the walls'

By T.K. Randall
August 15, 2022 · Comment icon 85 comments

Could the children have been possessed, or was something else going on ? Image Credit: Public Domain
Official state documents detail the peculiar case of a triple possession that occurred in Indiana back in 2014.
Tales of demonic possession might seem like little more than fictional stories found in books and movies, but there have been a number of documented cases over the years that, while inconclusive, certainly make you wonder whether there really could be something unnatural going on.

In this particular instance, a mother from Indiana had reported that her three children were 'possessed' and had been exhibiting all manner of disturbing (and seemingly impossible) behaviors ranging from speaking in deep voices to levitating and walking up the walls of their bedroom.

While such claims might sound ridiculous and easily dismissible as nonsense, these phenomena were allegedly observed by a number of reputable individuals including police officers and even medical professionals.

The case was recorded in official state documents which reported that at least one psychologist had witnessed the woman's 9-year-old son "speak in different deep voices" and "walk up the wall backwards".
"Medical staff reported they observed the children and heard the seven-year-old making growling noises and his eyes rolled into the back of his head," the report stated.

"They observed [the young boy] lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him."

"[He] had the weird grin on his face and began to walk backwards while the grandmother was holding his hand and he walked up the wall backwards while holding the grandmother's hand and he never let go. He flipped over and landed on his feet in front of the grandmother and sat down in the chair."

Some doubts exist over the nature of these phenomena, however, as it was also reported that the mother had been suffering from mental illness and the children may have been 'performing' for her.

In the end, all three were taken away by child services.

Source: The Mirror | Comments (85)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #76 Posted by preacherman76 7 months ago
No it was an official report from a women who saw it first hand. My wife is a social worker. Half her job is to take notes, and later write up reports of what she saw first hand. It wasnít told to her, allegedly she witnessed it first hand. Again though, that may or may not mean anything without knowing that person, but as I said, itís more than youíd normally get with these stories.† † I donít have anything in regards to the original material. It was an interesting story to me. Nothing more. Also again, honestly no offense, but I just donít care enough to try and dig up any information on it ... [More]
Comment icon #77 Posted by the13bats 7 months ago
For a person who says they dont care aboutvthings i reply about or me you always do take time to respond, ty. You havent seen any official report now have you? Like you said its all "alleged" we have lots of claims but we do not have any actual proof any of the outlandish events even happened, †
Comment icon #78 Posted by preacherman76 7 months ago
My mistake.†
Comment icon #79 Posted by GlitterRose 7 months ago
Here's a BBC report. It names the Mom. They took the kids away from her, but they have since been returned.†
Comment icon #80 Posted by the13bats 7 months ago
Um, not what i meant but ty.
Comment icon #81 Posted by preacherman76 7 months ago † Here are the files. Interesting read.†
Comment icon #82 Posted by the13bats 7 months ago
Yep, only paranormal to those credulous enough to believe it to be.
Comment icon #83 Posted by preacherman76 7 months ago
Hmm, odd conclusion based on those files alone. To each his own I suppose.†
Comment icon #84 Posted by darkmoonlady 7 months ago
My cat would be knocking all that stuff off the wall.
Comment icon #85 Posted by darkmoonlady 7 months ago
The original story is interesting, especially for the officials involved. The second Zac Bagan got involved forget it. I have seen his paranormal shows and he is quite the showman, emphasis on show. The Demon house documentary had a ton of speculation and overacting. I would have liked it to have focused on the family not the house, the house seemed like a place to stage things especially by Zac and his crew.†

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