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Fewer people are skeptical of alien visitation now than in the 1990s

By T.K. Randall
October 5, 2022 · Comment icon 30 comments

Do you believe that some UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin ? Image Credit: Pixabay / christianplass
A new YouGov poll has indicated that more people now believe that UFOs may be extraterrestrial in origin.
The survey, which asked a random selection of the US population about their views on UFOs and extraterrestrial life, provided an interesting insight into opinions on the phenomenon and indicated a significant increase in the level of belief in alien life since the 1990s.

When asked "Do you believe that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are probably alien ships or alien life forms, or that they have some natural scientific explanation?", the results were almost a three-way tie, with 34% saying "aliens", 34% saying "don't know" and 32% saying that UFOs had a natural explanation.

When the same question was posed in 1996, only 20% said "aliens", 29% said "don't know" and a whopping 51% believed that there was a natural explanation.
Another poll conducted at that time, which asked whether we are likely to make contact with intelligent aliens within the next 50 years, found that only 4% had said "yes", while the same question posed in 2022 yielded a result of 13% for "yes".

For those who voted "no", the figure had reduced from 69% to 39%.

For the survey, YouGov also asked people who had personally witnessed a UFO whether they believed it was alien in origin or something with a conventional explanation.

34% said that they believed it was aliens, while 43% thought it was a natural phenomenon.

The remaining 23%, meanwhile, simply stated that they weren't sure one way or the other.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by newbloodmoon 2 years ago
@the13bats no arguments here. 
Comment icon #22 Posted by Alchopwn 2 years ago
Not me.  I've met too many humans to believe that for even a moment.
Comment icon #23 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
The Wiki doesn't begin to describe the months long saga of this mess. This was the first new alien incident that was debated on the Internet (Usenet specifically) in real time and every damn week there was another new element to the story that supporters felt "proved" it was real while debunkers claimed it was worthless. Santilli showed the Kodak date codes from 1947 to "prove" it was shot in 1947 but the frame wasn't from the autopsy (it was blank). Then he gave someone a bit of film for analysis that was indeed from 1947 but the film was nothing from the autopsy (it showed a staircase). Then... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Wiki was a quick link for those new to this one, Years back i saw a video of the make up artist for alien autopsy, he showed how where they did it, i didnt think much at the time as i knew it was a hoax then moths later i go back to find it and cant all i could find is the "new" make up artist showing how they made the alien prop for the reconstruction film, my OCD is still cranky. Thats a big flaw with me that damned OCD i always want peoof, be it the Victor alien autopsy puppet, the snowwalker fur suit etc ad nausea. The Minnesota ice man great example of a hoax inside a fraud wrapped in too... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by Alchopwn 2 years ago
That sounds fair, but in the moment, nobody ever quite knows how they are going to react until it actually happens.  You hope you will be cool and rational in an irrational and terrifying situation, but let's be honest, you probably won't be, because almost nobody ever is, based on reports from eyewitnesses.  And you're right, you should get checked out for hallucinations, night terrors, brain tumors, undiagnosed mental conditions etc.  As for the more concrete evidence, Congress accepts that UAPs are real, and acknowledge that they possess aerodynamic characteristics that place them above ... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by Zebra3 2 years ago
Good post.
Comment icon #27 Posted by jmccr8 1 year ago
Meeting an alien is on my bucket list and I would take them out for a nice meal then hit the bar and ply them with booze later would take them to a peeler bar only to slip off and jack their ride.
Comment icon #28 Posted by itsnotoutthere 1 year ago
A consequence of the dumbing down of universities over the last 20 years i guess.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Hawken 1 year ago
This subject is very controversial like Politics & Religion. Care to talk about Pets & Automobiles so we all can get along? 
Comment icon #30 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
You beat me to it.   "Fewer people are skeptical of alien visitation now than in the 1990s" Of course they are. Still doesn't make the "ET /UFO phenomenon" real.

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