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Alleged 1883 Bigfoot photograph has been exposed as a hoax

By T.K. Randall
July 8, 2023 · Comment icon 52 comments

AI generated images are everywhere these days. Image Credit: Twitter / @alextopol
This impressive looking photograph of a large hominid creature next to a human has been produced using an AI image tool.
As if conventional faked photographs aren't enough of a problem, these days we have to contend with images created using artificial intelligence as well.

This intriguing image, which shows a man next to a very large Bigfoot, has recently been circulating social media with the caption:

"This photograph, taken in 1883 this year on Okey Mountain, Cleburne County, Alabama USA, was found buried in a glass jar on the family estate."
As it turns out, however, the image can be traced back to @the_ai_experiment on Instagram - an account known for sharing a number of AI generated images.

According to artist Dan Lyle, it was created using MidJourney V 5.1 using the prompt:

"Picture of the last known giant Neanderthal on earth, walking amongst normal height men, black and white, tattered vintage photo --ar 9:16 --v 5.1 --style raw.".

Source: Reuters | Comments (52)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #43 Posted by Trelane 9 months ago
Totally agree. My guess is someone close to starting their post graduate work.
Comment icon #44 Posted by Piney 9 months ago
Not even. They write like someone who never had AP English.
Comment icon #45 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 9 months ago
I’m sorry, are you assuming my gender?  uninformed? PAH!  I would go further, and call him deliberately ignorant.  And handsome.  And witty (or at least, half-witty).  With fabulous hair.  he also called them “The Bimini Roads” and alluded to Edgar Cayce.  Which if you possessed reading comprehension might have implied at least a degree of knowledge on the subject.  that he’s handsome and witty with fabulous hair? well … yes.  So are you.  We can all Google indeed, but only a few of us know that in this context Google is a proper noun as well as a verb, so is deserving of a... [More]
Comment icon #46 Posted by Doc Socks Junior 9 months ago
Some people do point to the Laschamps event as a trigger for human / large mammal evolution. I actually know one of these guys and he isn't wild-eyed and raving. Pretty smart actually. There were the NZ folks who blamed the Laschamps for some climatic phenomena. Generally poor correlation between geomagnetic field shifts and extinction. There's just so many flips and so few major extinctions...  
Comment icon #47 Posted by joc 9 months ago
Girl, you  thought he was man, but he was a muffin!  
Comment icon #48 Posted by Hammerclaw 9 months ago
Yes, the Farce is strong in this one. 
Comment icon #49 Posted by openozy 9 months ago
You need to get off the heroin.
Comment icon #50 Posted by DieChecker 9 months ago
I just saw that pic for the first time the other day. After 18 years(?) On UM, and specifically reading every bigfoot thread and link that's been posted, I was immediately suspicious of it being a "old" pic. That it was AI created is no surprise these days.  I like how the bigfoot is holding a walking stick though. 
Comment icon #51 Posted by Son of Apollo 9 months ago
This mindset destroyed the world. You need a detailed lesson in every discipline in order to understand. I love American freedom. However IQ test should be a requirement for posting comments on material. I’m not going to and am unable to teach you planet resonance and magnetic engineering over a comment board. The fact that you keep saying show the evidence, when it’s at your fingertips shows me you wouldn’t understand it anyway. The real smart people, they take how ever long they need and learn the subject. They try and figure it out for themselves. This is why social media is labeled f... [More]
Comment icon #52 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 9 months ago
it certsinly destroyed my toilet.  wait… no… that was the Taco Bell. Yes… because what you’re saying is beyond my field(s) of knowledge therefore I need things explained.  shocking I know. cool beans.  I’m Australian. but where would you go? why not? because I’m asking YOU what convinced YOU. you know… in order to uderstand where you are coming from. ohh shame.  yeah… they do that by asking questions of experts and of those who claim experience. The wise are those who know that they do not know.  Which must make me the wisest man in the world. 

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