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Loeb: 'aliens might be able to create new universes in a lab'

By T.K. Randall
August 17, 2023 · Comment icon 15 comments

Could advanced aliens create new universes ? Image Credit: ESA / NASA
The Harvard astronomer believes that sufficiently advanced extraterrestrials could achieve almost anything.
Loeb, who recently made headlines following his discovery of mysterious spherules on the ocean floor that he believes were part of an artificially constructed meteorite, detailed his own views on the possibilities of alien life during an interview on Fox News.

Of particular interest was his view that an advanced alien civilization might have mastered the ability to create new universes in a laboratory and that our universe may have even come about this way.

"A very advanced scientific civilization is a good approximation to God," he said.
"Imagine a cave dweller visiting New York City and seeing all the gadgets in technology in terms of the lights appearing as a miracle to the cave dweller."

Also during the interview, Loeb noted that it is "arrogant of us to think that we are alone" considering the "tens of billions of planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone and hundreds of billions of galaxies like the Milky Way in the observable volume of the universe."

"Perhaps noticing a neighbor will be a wake-up call that will bring us together, speaking of humanity as a whole," he said.

"There might be many more neighbors that are far more accomplished than we are, and we can learn from them. So my hope is that it will bring humanity to a better place in the long term future."

Source: Mail Online | Comments (15)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by esoteric_toad 8 months ago
While I appreciate the idea of thinking outside of the box I think there is a point that it just becomes silly. When we don't even know if 'aliens' exist it is pointless to speculate on what they are or are not capable of doing.  It is super easy to play that game. Example, "Aliens may be capable of both having their cake and eating it too".
Comment icon #7 Posted by astrobeing 8 months ago
What I don't appreciate is Loeb's hypocrisy. In an interview (which is now gone from YouTube) he scolded other scientists for not following the scientific method claiming that he alone was using it. A few minutes later when he started rambling about that asteroid the interviewer pointed out that none of his conclusions were based on anything scientific. Loeb responded that you don't have to use the scientific method if a conclusion makes sense. He showed zero self-awareness.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 8 months ago
Darn right. Loeb does not have a lot of admirers in the scientific community right about now. Maybe just he has a big ego and is enjoying the notoriety. 
Comment icon #9 Posted by Roshman 8 months ago
He is an attention seeker after the Benjamins.
Comment icon #10 Posted by iAlrakis 8 months ago
With just as much certainty I can claim we might be living in the brain of another creature
Comment icon #11 Posted by Nicolette 8 months ago
Considering how neuronlike the universe around us is looking I made this speculation as well. Can we nominate iAlrakis as the new random musing professional? It sounded more reasonable than the other guy.
Comment icon #12 Posted by WVK 8 months ago
First ever 'alien' objects found on Earth? Harvard physicist Avi Loeb says hundreds of tiny fragments he found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean ARE from outside our solar systemA physicist said fragments pulled from the ocean came outside our solar system The fragments came from an object that crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014 Avi Loeb spent two weeks searching for them in hopes of proving alien life  READ MORE:  Harvard professor Avi Loeb says aliens may be creating universes [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by WVK 8 months ago
Does Avi Loeb Really Have Proof of Alien Technology?!  
Comment icon #14 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 8 months ago
Good job, you beat me to it. Here's another link: LINK: Scientists have found materials in the sea from outside Solar System, controversial Harvard professor claims 8/29/23
Comment icon #15 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 8 months ago
No, he doesn't. I think Loeb is a sensationalist, buffing his brand. He does however have some materials that are not from this solar system. Big deal! Space junk, iz'all

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