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Air Force officer recounts mass sighting of red, glowing UFO

By T.K. Randall
November 10, 2023 · Comment icon 23 comments

The nature of the object witnessed over the base remains a mystery. Image Credit: US Air Force
Ex-USAF senior patrolman Jeff Nuccetelli recently recounted the experience in a podcast interview.
The incident, which took place over Vandenberg Air Force Base in California back in 2003, was first detaled earlier this year during a congressional hearing.

The object was described as an enormous red glowing square the size of a football field.

Speaking to the Merged podcast this week, Nuccetelli recounted his own memories of that day.

"I'm getting ready to jump in the car, and then all hell breaks loose," he recalled. "And they start screaming over the radio, 'It's coming right at us. It's coming right for us. Now it's right here.'"

"It was hard to hear, because they were screaming and they were scared."
The object was witnessed by at least 6 USAF police patrol officers.

"These guys are trained observers," said Nuccetelli. "They're posted out there, you know, 24/7. They know what aircraft look like. They know what fishing boats look like."

"I didn't feel like they were just jumping the gun, because there had been a UFO."

After arriving at the site, Nuccetelli conducted interviews of those who had seen the object.

"I talk to everybody," he said. "Basically what they described was this object came in, was moving strangely, erratically. It got bigger and brighter as it came in."

"Then it came at a high rate of speed and flew right up to the entry control point, and stopped. And they all stared at it. And it just shot off."

Source: Mail Online | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 8 months ago
Ah ha. you've played this game before, eh?
Comment icon #15 Posted by csspwns 8 months ago
So sightings of football field-sized craft only happen in remote places where conveniently no other parties are there to corroborate visually. ? In places with fewer people to corroborate, the more extraordinary the sightings. Large UFOs must be shy around people or something. 
Comment icon #16 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 8 months ago
Here's another link, US Air Force officer goes public with terrifying UFO encounter | Tech News | Metro News we'll see what that brings us. 
Comment icon #17 Posted by Cho Jinn 8 months ago
Nobody proposed that "sightings of football field-sized craft only happen in remote places where conveniently no other parties are there to corroborate visually".  I won't propose to know the exact motivations of ETs, however it would not make sense that all of those must include making themselves well known, or open and notorious. To the larger point: the most one might responsibly say, in response to the article, is that (i) some guy said something and (ii) not personally being there, and having no other information about the account aside from what this guy is saying, we can at most relega... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by Portre 8 months ago
I think I might be missing something. The deion was not of a cube, or box, or anything with 3 dimensions. So, was this a football sized, 2-dimensional craft? Was the craft's two dimension so large that the third wasn't noticed? Was it crewed by a lot of really, tiny creatures? ?
Comment icon #19 Posted by csspwns 8 months ago
Then the large majority of your comments are also pollution.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Cho Jinn 8 months ago
Comment icon #21 Posted by Cho Jinn 8 months ago
It does sound rather typical.  I can sit here and think “if i was in that position, I would have __”, although if I recall events in the past which were spontaneous and at least some traumatic - say, scuffles, or near accident or other exigent circumstances - ordered decision-making tends to go out the window.  What percentage of people who hike, or spend considerable amount of time outdoors, do so in groups?   Surely, there is a plethora of questions which could be asked of this person that either weren’t, or are not reported.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Essan 8 months ago
Could have been a giant flying carpet?   Just as likely as being an alien aircraft  
Comment icon #23 Posted by Trelane 8 months ago
When I go out solo in my camping expeditions, I always make sure that I have items at the ready in the event I catch a glimpse at a rare animal or witness animals acting naturally in their environment that I have not yet witnessed in person (i.e. Mountain Rams butting heads). I do occasionally venture out with a group of friends depending on their availability.  I have, on four separate occasions, had such 'traumatic' occurrences in combat and was still able to respond and execute as normal. I was able to recall events and details for the debriefings that occurred several hours later. So, my ... [More]

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