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Scientists claim to have solved WW2 'foo fighter' UFOs mystery

By T.K. Randall
February 4, 2024 · Comment icon 30 comments
Foo fighters during World War 2.
What did pilots see in the skies during World War II ? Image Credit: Bing AI / Dall-E 3
During Word War II, pilots on both sides reported witnessing strange phenomena in the skies over Europe and beyond.
These peculiar objects, which sparked rumors of secretive weapons testing over the battlefields of the Second World War, often manifested as mysterious lights, spherical-shaped cloud-like formations or red balls of fire that remained a mystery both during and after the war.

Now, though, the phenomenon may finally have an answer (at least partially) courtesy of researchers from the universities of California, Arizona and Harvard-Smithsonian.

According to their new study, some of the objects described as foo fighters were most likely plasmas (or ionized gases) which can manifest in various strange ways.
Similar phenomena have been witnessed by astronauts on numerous occasions.

"These plasmas are electromagnetic entities that have a variety of shapes and sizes," said study co-author Dr Rudolph Schild of Harvard-Smithsonian.

"They have repeatedly approached spacecraft and the space shuttles and are attracted to electromagnetic activity including thunderstorms."

"Based on video, photographic and computerized analysis, including reports by military officers and astronauts, we believe these plasmas account for at least some of the numerous reports of UFOs and Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon over the last several thousand years including the 'foo fighters' observed by German, Japanese and Allied pilots during WWII."

Source: Telegraph | Comments (30)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by Golden Duck 27 days ago
Comment icon #22 Posted by Hazzard 27 days ago
  I welcome our new overlords with open arms.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 27 days ago
How do I say this... How do you train plasma orbs???  things that need addressing: 1. These orbs seemed to fly right up to the aircrafts and buzz all around them, rarely was there a collision. It's as if the orbs were being directed.  2. The only times I have heard of the orbs harassing aircrafts was WWII, both theaters of operation, where they were abundant. The plasma theory seems to fail here.  that's my 2 cents.    
Comment icon #24 Posted by Trelane 27 days ago
Plasmas have a magnetic field as they are an electrically charged gas. Because plasma particles have an electrical charge, they are affected by electrical and magnetic fields. This is the main difference between a gas and a plasma.  So, there is a possibility that the movements allegedly observed could be the result of plasmas moving as a result of a magnetic force. I'm not saying that is what it is. Simply a factor to consider and investigate. There are papers that discuss the application of plasmas for future aerodynamic technology.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Piney 27 days ago
You need a "solvent" to create life and as far as we know water is the only known solvent capable of starting the chemical processes.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 27 days ago
I'm sure that "plasma orbs", scientifically, is a reasonable consideration for the sightings.  However, as I have pointed out, the only times pilots ever saw these orbs was in the wwII era.  I find that troubling, and IMO, it eliminates the plasma orb theory. 
Comment icon #27 Posted by Trelane 27 days ago
Well that's understandable. However, when taken in totality, many of the various sighting both pre and post WW2 can be seen as further evidence of possible plasma observations. It is only in the context of WW2 pilots, where a specific term was affixed to the phenomenon. What has happened is prematurely dumping of items in very specific buckets and never cross walking the data. I don't think or suspect plasmas account for every sighting, but I do think there's a lot of natural phenomenon that have yet to be fully understood or explored that may indeed explain a lot of what is being allegedly ob... [More]
Comment icon #28 Posted by fred_mc 26 days ago
I've read about that there are actually those who believe that there may be plasma life forms. I've also read about the jinns in Islam that according to the Quran were created before man from smokeless fire. It is a bit interesting I think since you can say that plasma is smokeless fire. Jinn has in English turned into genie.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Hazzard 25 days ago
I dont think that the Quran (or the Bible) is a place to gather information from... unless you study theology. They are both as silly and fictional as it gets.
Comment icon #30 Posted by fred_mc 21 days ago
That is true, but if plasma life forms are detected I'm sure Muslims will anyway say "Yes, our religion has predicted this".

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